Jun 2002

Mailing list for OS X developers of web services apps

The osxweb mailing list was formed to promote inter-operability between OS X apps that use web services and formats such as XML-RPC, RSS, OPML, and so on. The idea is to create informal standards for things like clipboard formats for RSS items. (The idea is not, for instance, to work on RSS itself.) A secondary goal is to promote a toolbox of code that app developers can use.

Pick up some Python with this script walk-through

A little Python introduction from Builder.com.

SOAPStock (AS Studio)

CocoaDevCentral shows how to build an AppleScript Studio app that uses SOAP to get stock quotes.

Adding Spit and Polish to Your Cocoa App

O’Reilly’s Mike Beam on doing the little things.

Commercial. Shareware. IndieWare?

MacEdition on IndieWare, software developed by small, independent developers.

Beginner MySQL Tutorial

PHP Beginner gets you started with creating a database with MySQL, filling it with data, and connecting to the database via PHP.

Accessor methods revisited

Stepwise.com on writing Cocoa accessor methods.

Object Oriented John (Intro to Objects)

PHP Beginner: “Anyone who was around when C turned into C++ knows of, and turns pale green at the thought of, OOP (or Object Oriented Programming).”

On Aquafying Office

O’Reilly interviews Ivor St. John Clarke, formerly the program manager in charge of guiding Office’s transition to Aqua.

Five site-accessibility tips to help comply with Section 508

Builder.com presents some tips for complying with the U.S. government’s web accessibility law.

Open Source Icons for OS X

Xicons.com “is an enthusiastic supporter of Open Source software. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new open source icon category.”

What is a News Aggregator?

UserLand defines a news aggregator as “software that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits, and displays them in reverse-chronological order on a single page.”

The Web Standards Project

Welcome back.

The JSP Files—Part 1: Purple Pigs in a Fruit Basket

First in a series of tutorials getting you started with JSP (Java Server Pages).

Inside Jaguar: Miscellaneous items

More reporting and screen shots from Think Secret on the upcoming OS X 10.2.

Custom Caching Solutions

Webmonkey on using caching to make dynamic websites scalable.

Inside Jaguar: A visual look at Sherlock 3 and Ink

Think Secret continues its reports (with screen shots) on Jaguar, the next major update to OS X.

PHP Classes

PHP Beginner: “Classes help you to keep your code modular or, better say, untouched. For example, you can make a class that draws an html table for you, then define it, call it, pass data to it and voila!—your table is set.”

When to Use a Database

PHP Beginner on when to use a database—and, perhaps more importantly, when not to use a database.

Fixing sendmail in 10.1.5

XFactor presents a tutorial on fixing sendmail, which was broken by the OS X 10.1.5 update.

Wireless at Sea: A Report from the MacMania Alaska Cruise

Glenn Fleishman reports for O’Reilly on the MacMania cruise. “One of the best parts of the event was the convivial area network (CAN?) in the ship’s library and nearby games room, made possible through Wi-Fi networking and a satellite link-up back to the Internet.”

PostgreSQL for Mac OS X

O’Reilly on installing and getting started with PostgreSQL.

Mozilla 1.0 released

MacCentral reports on the release of our favorite open-source web browser whose name begins with “M” and ends with “ozilla.”

MacNewsWire 1.0b7: usability enhancements

This update includes new features such as using color to mark items as read and/or followed, a dock menu, progress bar, contextual menus, and more.

Demystifying the syntax of regular expressions

Builder.com on those “cryptic strings of garbage” known as regular expressions.

Using Distinct for Deletes

PHP Beginner solves a tricky database problem and reminds you that there is no undo in MySQL.

GoLive 6: Adobe’s Open Source Embrace

O’Reilly on configuring GoLive’s open source tools.

The end of the one-browser Web

CodeBitch on Mozilla and AOL: “It will take some time for the users to adopt the new browser; if our stats at MacEdition are anything to go by, there are still a few AOL users using version 4.0 of their client software, so we shouldn’t assume that all AOL subscribers will upgrade at once. But upgrade they will.”

‘Building Cocoa Applications’ book released

MacCentral reports on O’Reilly’s new book ‘Building Cocoa Applications’ by Michael Mahoney and Simson Garfinkel. I haven’t read the entire book yet, but so far it appears to be more comprehensive than Aaron Hillegass’s book (a book I like very much). How the two books compare otherwise I can’t say yet.

pMachine 2.0 content management

A PHP/MySQL-based content management system with weblog features, RSS, pinging weblogs.com, and so on. Comes in free and pro versions. (Via Zeldman.)

Inside the Objective-C Runtime, Part Two

O’Reilly digs deeper into the Objective-C runtime.

The Fink team brings KDE to Mac OS X

MacCentral reports on progress so far in bringing KDE to our favorite OS.

Implementing A Basic HTML Help System Under Cocoa

CocoaDevCentral on adding a Help book to your Cocoa apps.

Understanding the design behind Cocoa’s Foundation classes

CocoaDevCentral on the patterns used in the Foundation classes.


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