Jul 2002

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0b5

This latest release fixes some crashing bugs and bugs with the new headlines view, adds more sites to the sites drawer, and has a prefs window that works like Mail.app’s prefs window.

Perl 5.8.0 Installer for OS X

Server Logistics: “This package includes the standard Perl 5.8.0 software distribution, and is installed into /opt/perl. This will not conflict with the version of Perl that is supplied with the operating system.”

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0b3

This latest release includes a new automatic-refresh feature along with several bug fixes.


Aram Greenman has released a class to get ps-like information about processes.

IC-Switch 1.0b4

Philippe Martin’s freeware Cocoa app “allows you to change easily your default emailer, Web browser, or news reader, simply by choosing an item from an editable menu displayed in all applications (a status item menu).”

Watson Developer on Sherlock 3

What is the relationship between Watson and Sherlock 3? Karelia Software writes: “We’ve all but given up on any compensation from Apple, so the purpose of ‘going public’ with this answer is because we want to set the record straight.”

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0b2

This new release includes some crashing bug fixes, performance enhancements, a fix for importing AmphetaDesk OPML files, and more sites in the sites drawer.

Bug Tracker

You can now view bugs and feature requests—and post new bugs and feature requests—for Ranchero products.

ArcanePerl 1.0

ArcaneWare has released a Perl development tool for OS X.

Mariner Write 3.0

Another alternative to Microsoft Word that can open Word files. The problem with Word is that it’s way too expensive. I would have bought it by now otherwise. (Why would I have bought it? Because it’s what other people use. They ask for articles in Word format; they send me stuff in Word format. Ugly but real.)


From PADL Software comes an XML-RPC client for Cocoa.

OS X Day 1: Enter the iBook

O’Reilly’s Nathan Torkington: “I plugged in the digital video camera (editing be damned!) and it Just Worked. I built wget and it Just Worked. I downloaded VM and it Just Worked. I plugged in a three-button mouse and it Just Worked.”

NetNewsWire Lite public beta

NetNewsWire Lite public betaThe first public beta of NetNewsWire—a Cocoa RSS news reader—has been posted.

Learning the Mac OS X Terminal, Part 5

More on cron and doing regular, scheduled backups.

PHP with Apple’s Developer Tools

Apple on using Project Builder and CVS to develop PHP-based sites.

FrontierMonitor for OS X

From Emmanuel Décarie, a Perl daemon that “will try to launch the Frontier/Radio servers if they are down and will send you a warning by email while logging the event in a log file.”


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