Mar 2003


Peeper is a tool for finding icons on your computer.

The Daring Fireball Interview

John Gruber interviewed me (this is Brent speaking) for Daring Fireball, covering all kinds of things, from RSS to Apple to working for UserLand to doing public betas.


MagicHat is a Cocoa programmer’s reference tool. I gave it a quick whirl: it seems like it could be pretty useful.

More Ranchero Store Notes

FYI: NetNewsWire is now at its regular price of $39.95 (USD). Thanks to everyone who bought a copy at the introductory price!

Ranchero Store Note

Just so you know... This is the last day (March 24) to buy NetNewsWire at its introductory price of $29.95. It will go to its regular price of $39.95 tonight after midnight Pacific time. It’s also the last day to get the NetNewsWire/Spring bundle: you can get both apps together for just $39.95.

MacWorld UK gives NetNewsWire Five Stars

5-stars image  We’re very proud to get five stars from MacWorld UK! (Sorry that we can’t link directly to the review since it’s in the for-pay section of the site.)

The review was written by Gavin Bell, whose weblog is Take One Onion.

Store notes

Just FYI: the last day for the NetNewsWire/Spring bundle will be March 24. You can buy both apps together for $39.95.

Also: the introductory pricing for NetNewsWire is good through March 24, then NetNewsWire goes up to $39.95.

So... if you’re on the fence about it, you still have a few days to decide. We just wanted to make sure the better pricing didn’t go away without your knowing.

Big Cat Scripts from Oak & Apple

Oak & Apple’s Big Cat scripts include scripts for stuffing and zipping selected files and for counting the number of words in a text selection.

NetNewsWire 1.0.1

It shipped! The biggest changes since 1.0 are a bunch of crashing bug fixes. See What’s New in NetNewsWire 1.0.1 for more details.

Now we’re working on 1.0.2, which will fix more bugs and include new weblog editor features, including support for more Radio and Movable Type options.

Note: the $29.95 introductory pricing for NetNewsWire will continue through March 24. Then it goes up to $39.95.

Short-term NetNewsWire road map

On I just posted a short-term road map for NetNewsWire. Here’s the condensed version:

NetNewsWire 1.0.1 will probably ship Friday. It’s mostly about fixing crashing bugs, but there are some other good things in there.

NetNewsWire 1.0.2 will continue with bug fixes and under-the-hood changes—but I’m also planning at least a few new features, and I wonder what new features you’d most like to see.


Feedster is a search engine that indexes RSS feeds. I like it!

If you’re a Huevos user, you can add it to your search engines list with this search string:

And I hope to do some sort of integration with NetNewsWire. It’s an obvious thing to want to do, I think. One idea is searches that update their results just like any other RSS feed. There are other possibilities, too. (After 1.0.1 ships I’ll take a look at this.)

NetNewsWire 1.0.1fc1

This final candidate release fixes a weblog editor bug with saving drafts and includes a couple other minor changes. (See the change notes.)

If there are no deal-stopper bugs, this will be released as NetNewsWire 1.0.1.

And then we’ll go back to fixing more bugs and adding new features.

Compression Scripts for Big Cat

Michael Grant posted some scripts for stuffing and zipping selected files.

NetNewsWire 1.0.1b5

This release fixes some crashing bugs, partly fixes a bug regarding Movable Type categories, and moves commands from the View menu to the Window menu. More details are on the change notes.

Aizai Web Tuner supports RSS

From their website: “Aizai Web Tuner also automatically makes your public channels available for subscription worldwide via industry-standard RSS.” I haven’t tried it out yet, but I plan to. I’m intrigued.

NetNewsWire 1.0.1b4

This release fixes some news-reading bugs. Details on the change notes.

Open Source XML-RPC for Cocoa

We just released a BSD license XML-RPC implementation for Cocoa. It’s the same code that’s in the current NetNewsWire beta. (Actually, it’s a little ahead of the beta.)

NetNewsWire via Bluetooth

AppleScript Info: “Someone has asked for a script that would allow them to simulate pressing the down arrow or space bar in NetNewsWire so that they could read through the feeds via a Bluetooth capable phone using Clicker...”

Beginning AppleScript Studio

Cocoa Dev Central: “I’ll walk you through some of the steps I’ve gone through to develop my current project: RemoteTunes. The application, when it’s done, will allow you to control iTunes on a remote computer. For now, let’s just let it control a local copy.”

NetNewsWire 1.0.1b3

Changes include making the XML-RPC and RSS parsers more forgiving of unencoded ampersands, which is one of the most common causes of failures. Downloading categories from Radio UserLand weblogs should work again. (It was broken in a recent beta.) See the change notes for more details.

Think Spring

Jon Udell takes a look at UserCreations’ Spring: “When I noticed that Spring 1.2 didn’t yet include that action, I decided to see for myself how this integration could be achieved. It was remarkably easy. There’s almost no documentation for Spring, but none was needed. Nor, as it turned out, were any OS X or AppleScript skills required.”

NetNewsWire 1.0.1b2

This release contains mostly under-the-hood changes, fixes to the new XML-RPC framework the weblog editor uses. This fixes some crashing bugs. But remember that this is still a beta, and there are plenty more bugs to fix.

Volume discounts for NetNewsWire

We just added multi-user site licenses for NetNewsWire. For 10 or more licenses, NetNewsWire costs $19.95 per license. (As with the single-user license, this price will go up near the end of March.)

MacSlash interview

MacSlash interviews me. I talk about RSS, standards, what’s cool about Cocoa, and so on.

NetNewsWire/Spring Breakaway Bundle

You can buy NetNewsWire and UserCreations Spring together for just $39.95, a 23% savings.

We’re happy to offer this bundle, because Spring is so cool, and because we think lots of NetNewsWire users would like Spring and lots of Spring users would like NetNewsWire.


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