Apr 2003

Beyond the Browser Bundle

Just FYI: the Beyond the Browser Bundle runs through tomorrow. It includes NetNewsWire, Spring, and Watson for $68 (USD), 25% off.

All three are award-winning applications: NetNewsWire and Spring won in the recent O’Reilly Mac OS X Innovators contest, and Watson won an Apple Design Award in 2002 as Most Innovative Mac OS X Product.

Back on-line

Sorry for being off-line this weekend. Our hosting provider ran into some problems with their service provider, so our hosting provider had to do a quick move.

Glitches are still being fixed, but I expect we’ll back to normal sometime on Tuesday. More details are on inessential.com.

NetNewsWire and Spring Awarded

NetNewsWire and UserCreations’ Spring took first and second place in O’Reilly’s Mac OS X Innovators Contest. We’re honored and pleased—and it’s great to be recognized along with Spring.

NeXT still stands out in its Mac incarnation\n

Dan Gillmor: “Software developers loved what they could create with the NeXT platform. And for many, OS X has meant a phoenix-like rebirth.”

MacWorld: 4.5 Mice

The latest issue of MacWorld (May 2003) contains hundreds of short reviews. NetNewsWire Lite got 4-and-a-half mice! (See page 78.)

Karelia Software’s Cocoa Open Source

Karelia Software posted “a random collection of useful bits of Cocoa, as found in Watson and in other sundry Karelia applications and testbeds.”

We already use CURLHandle, also from Karelia Software, in NetNewsWire.

Internationalizing Cocoa applications

Stepwise.com on making Cocoa apps localizable.

CocoaTech Open Source Frameworks

Two of the frameworks behind Path Finder—CocoaTechBase and CocoaTechFoundation—have been released under a BSD license. Also included is source for several Path Finder plugins. (Path Finder is a Finder replacement written in Cocoa.)

News You Can Choose

The Washington Post writes about RSS readers: “Keeping up with the world on the World Wide Web can be more trouble than it’s worth. But there is another way.”

Beyond the Browser Bundle

We’ve gotten together with Karelia Software and UserCreations to offer a bundle of NetNewsWire, Spring, and Watson. You can get all three for $68 (USD), 25% off. The offer is good through April.

ATPM reviews NetNewsWire

ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh) reviewed NetNewsWire and gave it an Excellent rating. Thanks!

ATPM has an RSS feed, by the way.

Karelia weblog

Watson developer Karelia Software now has a weblog. And an RSS feed, too.


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