Jul 2003

Computerworld: RSS Starting to Catch On

Dan Gillmor, writing for Computerworld: “People will discover, sooner or later, that this format can save time and money—and may be one of tomorrow’s keys to communications.”

Python 2.3 highlights

Python 2.3 includes, well, a whole bunch of new stuff. Looks good.

PackageMaker How-to

Stéphane Sudre writes about creating installable packages for OS X. The How-to comes with an important reminder: “If you’re distributing an application without any other files to install (Frameworks, StartupItems, Drivers, etc.), you don’t need to use an installer in 99.99% of cases.”

NetNewsWire multi-user pricing now for 2 or more users

We've recently changed the multi-user site pricing option for NetNewsWire to require a minimum of two users. If you purchase two or more licenses each license costs $29.95, $10 off the single-user price of $39.95. The previous multi-user site pricing required a minimum of ten users.

Sparkpod: new Mac-centric weblog service

MacCentral reports on a new weblogging service that “was developed using Macintosh technology, according to its makers—Sparkpod was programmed using Apple’s own Webobjects software, designed using Macs and is hosted on Apple Xserves.”

C is for Cocoa

This new Cocoa programming series from O’Reilly starts off by teaching C: “You will learn all the C you need to know to learn Cocoa, and ignore the rest: these lessons will leave out the parts of C that, while useful, are not necessary to know in everyday Cocoa programming.”

Blosxom 2.0 Released

Rael Dornfest: “For those not in the know, blosxom (pronounced ‘blossom’) is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.”

Jakarta Struts on OS X

Apple: “Struts helps you organize your Java-based web applications by providing a framework based on a version of the Model-View-Controller design pattern.” This introduction ends with showing you how to build a basic RSS newsreader.

Welcome to Swaine Manor

We’re long-time fans of Michael Swaine’s writing. And now he has a new column for MacDevCenter. Cool.

Developer Icons

Scotland Software posted some icons and templates developers can use in their apps. Could be very useful.

RSS Spec Moves to Berkman, Advisory Board Formed

UserLand has transferred ownership of its RSS 2.0 spec to the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. The spec is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike license. An advisory board was formed to support and advocate RSS. Its initial members are Dave Winer, Jon Udell, and Brent Simmons.

Dan Gillmor: RSS Moves a Step Forward.

macCompanion Magazine

It’s a new magazine with features, reviews, and so on. It has an RSS feed.

Finding Avie

John Gruber on Avie Tevanian’s “inexplicably fanatical antipathy toward HFS file type and creator metadata.”


From the creators of itown, itopik, and iteople, the HELP!blog is a “simple way to connect people who have a need with people who can give some help.”

CNN on RSS and news aggregators

Christine Boese writes an overview of news aggregators as a new way to read weblogs and news sites.

"Less wasted time and more efficient surfing might appeal to folks dealing with harassing pop-up windows and masses of spam. It helps to balance the signal-to-noise ratio back in our favor."

MyOneLineOfCodeBrowser using Cocoa and WebKit 1.0

Martin Simoneau writes on Cocoa Dev Central: “One of the best features of Safari 1.0 is the Web Kit SDK (v1.0). This new Cocoa framework allows you to write a powerful browser with light and simple code. This easy tutorial will guide you in the making of a browser with only one line of Objective-C code.”

Scotland Software Cocoa Code

The Scotland Software folks have updated their page of Cocoa sample code. It’s quite a collection. The license allows the code to be used in commercial and non-commercial projects.

Hydra, VoodooPad, Win 2nd OS X Innovators Contest

Congratulations! Hydra won in the new International category; LaunchBar came in second. VoodooPad won in the U.S. category; Audio Hijack Pro came in second.


iteople.com is a brand-new “directory for organizing blogs by people.” It’s a companion to itown.com and itopik.com.

PyObjC 1.0b1

This new release of the Python-Objective-C bridge includes support for Web Kit and for writing plugins in Python.

Review of Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming

Michael McCracken reviews the new book from Big Nerd Ranch on Slashdot.

Mail Selection to... Big Cat script

Michael Grant’s Mail Selection to... script for Big Cat converts the “selected text into an e-mail message without launching a graphical e-mail client.”

Limpet, a subscription exporter for NetNewsWire

Limpet by Dave Taylor is a small C app that generates an OPML file of NetNewsWire’s subscriptions. This is useful for folks who like to automate such things. (Here’s Dave’s weblog.)

Tuning for G5: A Practical Guide

Apple on tuning your apps for G5 machines. See also TN2087: PowerPC G5 Performance Primer.


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