Oct 2003

Mac OS X Innovators Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the third round of the OS X Innovators contest! Winners are OmniOutliner, iBlog, iStopMotion, ACSLogo, and F-Script.

Unofficial Cocoa-dev FAQ

Alastair Houghton created a FAQ which answers questions on learning Cocoa and developing Cocoa apps.

Xcode: A First Look

James Duncan Davidson looks at the new user interface and new features such as Fix and Continue, Zero Link, and Distributed Builds.

A List Apart redesigned, has RSS feeds

A List Apart magazine has been re-designed—both front and back end. It now has RSS feeds.

Ten Things I Dig About Xcode

O’Reilly, James Duncan Davidson: “The new UI is more than just window dressing.”

Creating Easy-to-Deploy Unix Applications for OS X

O’Reilly, Mark Roseman: “With OS X’s Unix foundations came the promise of access to thousands of Unix applications for Mac users. But if those applications are hard to install, configure, and use, everyone loses... The good news is that software developers can remove these obstacles for users, often with only small changes to their development practices.”


It’s a “tool for creating simple, but native Aqua GUIs for Perl, PHP, Python, shell scripts and AppleScript.”

The CocoaBB

It’s a brand-new bulletin board for Cocoa developers.

PyObjC 1.0 released

PyObjC allows developers to write Cocoa apps in Python.

NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.6

This release of NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite exists to fix one particular performance bug, where during a refresh sometimes HTML descriptions would be slow to appear.

NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.6fc3

This third final candidate release of both versions of NetNewsWire fixes a rare crashing bug in the download code and makes the RSS parser more forgiving of feeds with character encoding bugs.

NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.6fc1

The point behind 1.0.6 is to fix a performance bug where sometimes HTML descriptions would be slow to appear while a refresh is going on. We’re looking for deal-stopper bugs.


It’s a new plugin for Movable Type “to eradicate comment and trackback spam.”

NetNewsWire Gear

NetNewsWire GearMugs! T-shirts! The must-have fashion statements for the season.

Be the first on your block (of IP addresses)!

AppleScript: The Definitive Guide

A new O’Reilly book by Matt Neuburg “explores and teaches the [AppleScript] language from the ground up.”

NetNewsWire Script for Searching Google

Robert Daeley posted another AppleScript script for NetNewsWire. It searches Google or Google News using the selected headline.

Joel on Character Sets

Joel Spolsky on “The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)”

The Double Life of Variables

O’Reilly, Seth Roby: “When Clark Kent saw a news story getting too hot, a phone booth hid his change into Superman. When you’re programming, all the variables you juggle around are doing similar tricks as they present one face to you and a totally different one to the machine.”

NetNewsWire Script for Emailing Item

Robert Daeley posted an AppleScript script for emailing the selected item in NetNewsWire. It works with Mail, but could probably be adapted for use with Mailsmith and Eudora and other mail programs.

Subversion log to RSS feed

Martin Pittenauer (of TheCodingMonkeys) posted a cool little tool—it transforms a Subversion log into an RSS 2.0 feed, so you can read changes in a newsreader.

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.5

This release of NetNewsWire Lite includes the latest applicable fixes and changes from the full version. It now uses Web Kit for HTML rendering, supports gzip compression, and more. See the change notes for details.

A new comparison chart lists the differences between NetNewsWire Lite and NetNewsWire.

Ant and AppleScript

O’Reilly, David Miller: “We’ll see that tools from each community can aid the other in the development process: Ant to aid in the development of AppleScripts, and AppleScript to aid in the development of Java applications.”


It’s a new updates tracker like VersionTracker and MacUpdate—but with a difference. From their website: “We offer a site where you can be sure to read honest, constructive user reviews of shareware and freeware. All submissions and comments are reviewed by a real *live* person before posted.”

Outliner Features Part 1

About This Particular Macintosh published a good overview of outliner features with a bunch of screen shots of different OS X outliners.

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.5fc1

In this final candidate release the Sites Drawer was updated and a bug with contextual menus was fixed. See the change notes for details.

We also just put up a feature comparison chart that shows the differences between NetNewsWire Lite and NetNewsWire.

How NetNewsWire Identifies Itself to Servers

The issue has come up twice recently, so we put up a page that shows NetNewsWire’s user-agent strings.

DataCrux beta 1

DataCrux is an “Objective-C framework to easily store and retrieve data objects in an embedded SQL database without a server process or query strings.”

NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.5b1

We’re bringing NetNewsWire Lite up-to-date with changes in the full version. Highlights: it now uses Web Kit for HTML rendering, supports custom style sheets, and supports gzip compression. See the change notes for more details.


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