Dec 2003

IC-Switch 1.4

The new version of Philippe Martin’s IC-Switch adds a new feature: you can set your default RSS newsreader.

The default newsreader is the application that responds to feed: URLs. Not all newsreaders respond to these special URLs yet. The newest release of NetNewsWire does. More info...

NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.7 released

This release of NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite adds support for favicons and feed URLs, boosts performance, and fixes dozens of bugs. The full version includes a new widescreen view especially suited for laptops.

See What’s New in NetNewsWire 1.0.7 for details.

Shell Scripting on OS X with JavaScript

Mike Chambers: “You may have heard of the Rhino project. A Mozzila project for creating and maintaining a Java based JavaScript parser. Well, what you may not have know, and what I just found out, is that it also includes a command line javascript interpreter that allows you to write shell scripts in JavaScript.”


From the website: “AppScripting allows MacPython users on OS X to manipulate scriptable applications using ordinary Python code...”

NetNewsWire final candidate release

NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.7fc1 have been posted to the betas page.

This is a final candidate release: we’re looking for deal-stopper bugs.

This release has just a few changes since the previous beta: most notably, a bug with freshly-downloaded favicons not appearing was fixed. See the change notes for details.

New NetNewsWire Betas

NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite 1.0.7b7 have been posted. This release fixes a mach port leak and some performance bugs. It also contains a few of the smaller features that were originally planned for 1.1: a new widescreen view is especially suited to laptops; favicons are now displayed in the Subscriptions pane; NetNewsWire now responds to the feed URL scheme.

See the change notes for more new features and bug fixes. The features chart comparing NetNewsWire and NetNewsWire Lite has been updated.

Rentzsch on Objective-C

Jonathan Rentzsch presents “10 Things I Love about ObjC and 15 Things I Hate about ObjC.” Also see Improving Cocoa/ObjC Enumeration. (Here’s Jonathan’s RSS feed.)

MacInTouch Reader Choice Poll

NetNewsWire, along with SpamSieve and Timbuktu, is a runner-up in the Communication category of the MacInTouch Reader Choice poll.

BBEdit won Best Third-Party Product. We agree completely.

Newsreaders — A Comparison: MacReporter and NetNewsWire compares NetNewsWire, NetNewsWire Lite, and MacReporter. From the review: “For those of you who wonder how Mac websites find and keep up with the blizzard of information about Apple products and their impact, one of the best answers is newsreaders. No, I don’t mean hordes of pizza-munching volunteers.”

By the way—here’s’s RSS feed.


Apple posted sample code for using the new-in-Panther ABPeoplePickerView which allows a user to choose a person from their address book. (We may use this in NetNewsWire some day.)

Maintaining a Blogroll with NetNewsWire

Peter Rukavina combines NetNewsWire’s AppleScript-ability with PHP running on his server to automate his blogroll.

NetNewsWire wins Eddy

Eddy graphicMacworld magazine has announced the 2003 Editors’ Choice awards—and NetNewsWire is on the list! (We don’t yet know what category.)

Other Eddy winners include Michael Tsai for SpamSieve, Bare Bones Software for Mailsmith, Omni Group for OmniGraffle, and Salling Software for Salling Clicker. Plus more. Congratulations to all!

Thank you to Macworld!


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