Jan 2004

Introduction to Event-Driven XML Parsing

Apple documents the new-in-Panther NSXMLParser class.

BYOB: Build Your Own Browser

Andrew Anderson, O’Reilly: “This article will cover building a basic web browser without writing a line of code.”

MacDigit reviews NetNewsWire

The French-language Mac news site MacDigit has released a review of NetNewsWire. Le matin, lecture des titres avec NetNewsWire...

Optimizing with Shark

Apple: Shark “tells you—within two minutes—what functions you should concentrate your optimization efforts on. Experience working with developers indicates that most applications have performance problems that can be found in a few hours and fixed in a few days.”

iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator

Bill Bumgarner writes: “Not only does it have RSS feeds, but you get to create personalized feeds that can have custom quantities, genres, and whether the feed is focused on New Releases, Just Added, Top Songs, Top Albums, or Features & Exclusives.” Totally cool.

NetNewsWire 1.0.8b1: bug fixes, bandwidth

NetNewsWire 1.0.8b1 full and Lite versions have been posted.

The most important change is what happens when you click on a feed-protocol URL. In previous versions, NetNewsWire would just subscribe to the specified feed. Now it prompts for confirmation. The reason for this is because, if you use a Mozilla-family browser (Mozilla, Camino, Firebird), there was a way for a website to subscribe you to a feed you didn’t ask to be subscribed to.

Another important change: NetNewsWire Lite gets a feature that before now was only in the full version—it caches feeds on disk between runs. Though we thought of this as a selling-point for the full version, we decided that the Lite version should have this feature too because it reduces the amount of bandwidth it uses.

Macworld Best of Show winners

Congratulations to the Macworld Best of Show winners! Among the winners are GarageBand and Rogue Amoeba’s Nicecast.

quickSub supports NetNewsWire

quickSub 0.3.2 adds NetNewsWire support. quickSub is a “Javascript function that adds intelligence to the XML feed button on your web page.”


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