Mar 2004

Panic Interview

James Duncan Davidson interviews Panic, the folks behind such lovely apps as Transmit and Unison.

ADC Reference Library

Apple has collected various developer documentation, technotes, sample code, and so on into their new ADC Reference Library. There’s even a page on making the most of the new library.

Return of the homebrew coder

The Economist: “The new craftsmen do not stitch leather, cut cloth or saw wood: instead, they write software.”

This article featuring independent software developers mentions Brent, as well as Jonas Salling of Salling Software; Gaurav Banga and Saurabh Aggarwbi, makers of VeriChat; and Nick Bradbury of Bradbury Software.

(Web access requires paid subscription. Print version: The Economist, March 13th-19th 2004, Technology Quarterly section, pages 10-11.)

Welcome to the ‘new’ Web, same as the ‘old’ Web

CNN on newsreaders: “Hang on to your hats boys and girls, because your experience of the World Wide Web is about to change, possibly for the first time since Mosaic...”

Affrus 1.0

The folks at Late Night Software have released Affrus 1.0, an “an integrated Perl editing and debugging environment for Mac OS X.”

Legacy Outliners

Ted Goranson (About This Particular Macintosh): “What’s amazing is how feature-rich these products are. They can do things that are not common and in some cases not available today.”


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