Sep 2004

Quartz 2D for QuickDraw Programmers Introduction to Quartz 2D for QuickDraw Programmers: “As quickly as it has changed, however, QuickDraw has not evolved rapidly enough to incorporate many of the features found in more modern graphics libraries. To extend the graphics reach of Mac OS X, Apple has adopted a new strategy for handling 2D graphics: the Core Graphics system.”

NetNewsWire and Bloglines

The Bloglines folks have done a cool thing: they’ve made it so that desktop readers like NetNewsWire can work with Bloglines. We put up a page with questions and answers on our planned support.

Download News Script

Burce D’Arcus has posted an interesting script that uses NetNewsWire, AppleScript, and Ruby to download news.

Frontier Released as Open Source

Dave Winer: Introducing Frontier 10.0a1. “This is a fresh start for the Frontier kernel, the technology under Manila and Radio UserLand, and in the future, possibly many more useful system and network applications.”

No matter what happens next with Frontier, this makes sure that a lot of good work is preserved, which is a cool thing.

For Whatever Reasons

Daring Fireball: For Whatever Reasons: “USA Today technology columnist Kevin Maney complained last week about having been hit hard by a Windows virus on his home computer: ‘My computer was only 18 months old. I wasn’t totally naïve...’”

More NetNewsWire and MarsEdit Questions and Answers

On we posted some more NetNewsWire and MarsEdit questions and answers. - Tutorials - Using Subversion With XCode “Have you ever been working on a project in Xcode, taken a direction in the code, and wished you hadn’t?”

Watson’s Life Coming to an End, Soon

Dan Wood: “There’s been some discussion on the Watson Users’ email discussion group about the future of Watson and where Sun is going. I am sad to say that it looks like Sun doesn’t seem to be focussing on getting the port of Watson released any time soon.”

This is sad: Watson is cool. But we’re looking forward to hearing what Dan is working on next.

Using Weblog Editors with Midgard CMS

Henri Bergius posted a page on using weblog editors with Midgard CMS: “I've now tested the system with two desktop blogging tools for Mac OS X, ecto and MarsEdit, and it works quite well.”

MarsEdit and Radio UserLand

Donovan Watts wrote a tutorial on using MarsEdit to edit a Radio UserLand weblog. (We love Donovan’s domain name, by the way:

MacRabbit - CSSEdit

CSSEdit “features full-blown source editing for the advanced user.” Looks pretty cool.

(Via Backup Brain.)

NetNewsWire, MarsEdit Questions Answered

On we posted answers to some frequently asked questions about the public betas of NetNewsWire and MarsEdit.

Introducing MarsEdit

MarsEdit 1.0 icon

MarsEdit, our new weblog editor, is also in public beta. NetNewsWire 2.0 does not include a weblog editor: instead, it works with external weblog editors.

MarsEdit is designed to make writing for the web like writing email. It has a main window listing weblogs and recent posts, and you create and edit posts in separate document windows. A screen shot illustrates.

For everyone who bought NetNewsWire 1.x, all NetNewsWire 2.x and all MarsEdit 1.x upgrades are free.

NetNewsWire 2.0b3: first public beta

NetNewsWire 2.0 icon

The first public betas of NetNewsWire 2.0—full and Lite version—have been posted. See What’s New in NetNewsWire 2.0.

Along with the new features, the application has been streamlined, and it has new icons by Bryan Bell and Jon Hicks.

Among the new features are searching, flagged items, persistence, tabbed browsing, smart lists, search engine subscriptions, script subscriptions, enclosures, built-in styles, and more. (Here is the entire list of changes.)

Both full and Lite versions can be downloaded from the NetNewsWire Betas page.


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