MarsEdit 1.0 Released!

MarsEdit 1.0 icon

MarsEdit makes weblog writing like writing email, with each post edited in its own window, the ability to save posts as drafts, spell-checking, and a familiar Mac OS X interface.

While designed to be easy to use for new webloggers, MarsEdit also includes features power-bloggers need: support for categories, text filters, trackbacks, custom templates, AppleScript, and more.

Other MarsEdit features include image and file uploading, a bookmarklet that lets you send a page from your Web browser to MarsEdit, and custom tags.

MarsEdit works with a variety of weblog systems, including Movable Type, TypePad, Radio UserLand, WordPress, Blosxom, and many others.

It also works with NetNewsWire and other newsreaders for OS X that include a post-to-weblog feature. The newsreader’s post-to-weblog command can be used to send a news item to MarsEdit, where it can be commented on and then posted to a weblog.

MarsEdit costs $24.95 for a single-user license and $19.95 per person for a multi-user license. It’s available bundled with NetNewsWire 2.0 beta for $39.95.

If you bought (or will buy) any NetNewsWire 1.x version, MarsEdit 1.0 and all MarsEdit 1.x releases are free.

10 Dec 2004


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