Jan 2005

Adding Technorati Tags with MarsEdit

Laura Lemay: “As part of this whole tagging experiment I wrote a little applescript for MarsEdit to automatically insert the ‘Technorati Tags’ HTML at the bottom of each post... After installing it, you use it by tagging your post and then just choosing the script from the Script menu.”

Serialized eBooks via RSS

Russell Beattie: “Many of us are too busy to read classic books out there, instead choosing ‘page turners’ or books that are more applicable to our every day lives (like a some new marketing book). But we do have time to zip through our aggregator daily, right? So by taking a 500 page novel and distributing it, a few pages at a time, via RSS, we could read a new book in a month or so without even trying.”


Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra: “This script is for NetNewsWire. This will, more or less, turn any web page into a new feed. When ran, it checks to see if the page has changed. If it has, it makes a new feed entry with the page.”

Drupal patch for remote editing

Noah Mittman: “If you’ve wanted to post more than just blogs with Drupal and your remote client of choice, it’s worth taking a look at walkah’s patch to the blogapi.module which allows you to use, say, MarsEdit, to post blog, stories and forum content.” (Note: it works with ecto too.)

TextWrangler: now free, and better than ever

Giles Turnbull: “This announcement by BareBones might be somewhat eclipsed by all the new Apple stuff, but I think it’s important and potentially invaluable to a lot of Mac users. As of now, TextWrangler has been updated to version 2.0, with a bunch of fantastic new features that have only appeared before in BBEdit 8.0. And it’s now free.”


podSites are “a slice of the web to go.” (Tip: you can choose a color for the site at the bottom of the page—iPod mini colors, naturally.)

CNN RSS feeds

CNN now has RSS feeds. (Via ongoing.)

RSS Market Share

The FeedBurner folks report on the current state of RSS market share: “Of the feeds that we currently manage, in aggregate, RSS circulation is growing by about 1% every weekday.”

Technorati cosmos within NetNewsWire

Niall Kennedy: “I wrote an AppleScript for NetNewsWire that allows a user to subscribe to the Technorati cosmos for any individual item within NetNewsWire.”

Attention.xml export for NetNewsWire

Niall Kennedy: “I wrote an AppleScript that exports all of your NetNewsWire subscribed feeds and followed items within the feed to the Attention.xml format. The output can be saved locally or stored on Technorati’s servers if you have created a Technorati account.”

The Rise of a New News Network

Business 2.0: “I think what we are seeing is the rise of a new kind of news network, thanks in large part to technology. Average Joes and Janes are now armed to the teeth with technology that can capture and distribute news almost anywhere.”

Interview with Brent Simmons

Jeff Harrell interviewed Brent Simmons about NetNewsWire, MarsEdit, syndication, and Macworld Expo rumors.


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