May 2005

How Podcasting Works

Peter Rukavina: “I’ve been doing a lot of talking about podcasting recently: explaining to people what it is, and how they can do it, and how they can listen, and how it works. I thought it might be useful to provide a very simple step by step illustration of how to ‘subscribe to a podcast.’”

Let RSS Go Fetch

TIME Magazine: “RSS allows you to play news editor and zero in on the information you really need, even as you expand the number of sites you sample. You can subscribe to just the parts of the Seattle Times, for example, that cover biotech and the Mariners.”

XML-RPC for Textpattern v1.0

Pixel Meadow: XRT lets MarsEdit users post to Textpattern weblogs via XML-RPC.


Ian Lloyd: “NewsGrowl is a script for NetNewsWire 2 that displays a count of unread headlines via Growl. It scans NetNewsWire for groups and top-level subscriptions (subscriptions that are not in any group), which are then listed in the Growl Preference Pane.”

NetNewsWire 2.0 Released!

NetNewsWire 2.0 icon

NetNewsWire 2.0 streamlines the award-winning RSS and Atom newsreader by removing the weblog editor and adding many new newsreading features.

NetNewsWire 2.0 includes a tabbed browser so you can read web pages with the convenience of staying in the same window.

You can search your news items with a standard Apple search widget—as in Mail and other applications.

NetNewsWire 2.0 downloads podcasts and enclosures, and sends podcasts to iTunes with with your choice of genre and playlist.

The flagged items feature lets you mark items that you want to keep—they stay forever or until you mark them as unflagged.

NetNewsWire 2.0 is Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatible, and includes Automator actions to control functions in NetNewsWire.

Other new features include syncing, smart lists, search subscriptions, and built-in styles. NetNewsWire's built-in list of feeds, the Sites Drawer, has been updated to include new categories and over 1000 new feeds that can be easily subscribed to.

See What's New in NetNewsWire 2.0 for more features, details and screen shots.

The full and Lite versions of NetNewsWire 2.0 are available for download at the NetNewsWire home page.

NetNewsWire 2.0 costs $24.95 for a single-user license and $19.95 per person for multi-user licenses. It’s available bundled with MarsEdit 1.0 for $39.95.

NetNewsWire 2.0 is a free upgrade for licensed users of NetNewsWire 1.x. See the Licenses and Upgrades page for more information.

NetNewsWire Lite is freeware. The Full Version Features page lists the features exclusive to the full version.

Dashboard: Widget (In)Security

Macworld: Dori Smith: “A new Web page documents an issue with Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger’s new Dashboard feature that, left unchecked, could potentially be exploited by malware developers, according to the page’s author. The exploit is described and demonstrated on a page called Zaptastic: Blueprint for a widget of mass destruction.”

MacSB gathering at WWDC

Mike Piatek-Jimenez has set up an informal gathering of MacSB folks at WWDC.

(MacSB stands for Macintosh Small Business—it’s a mailing list for independent Macintosh developers, a place to talk with other developers about the business of Mac development. The name is pronounced max-bee.)

Dictionary Look-Ups From BBEdit, Mailsmith, and TextWrangler

Daring Fireball: “To be truly useful as a writing aid, you need to be able to invoke your dictionary easily from the app in which you’re writing. What I want to do is select a word in BBEdit (or Mailsmith or TextWrangler) and tell Dictionary to look up that word in one quick action.”

A Guide to Using RSS, Which Helps You Scan Vast Array of Web Sites

The Wall Street Journal - Walt Mossberg: “Some RSS addicts regularly scan hundreds of such feeds each day. The news-reader software keeps scooping up the freshest headlines from the RSS feeds, and signals when new headlines are available.”

FlickIt supports MarsEdit

ChanceCube: “Whether you want to post a photo to your blog, send a link to one via E-mail or instant message, or would like to paste the source of it into an application you’re using - FlickIt can handle it.”

The FlickIt dashboard widget lets you access Flickr photos and put them inside your weblog posts written in MarsEdit.

Beginning Mac Development

MacZealots: “This article is meant to be a general overview of the Mac development environment. I want to explain what some of your options are, how to get started, and where to look for help.”

NetNewsWire html uploader - Automator

backlon: “Here's an automator file that parses your NetNewsWire subscriptions into a nice HTML file, then uploads it to the server of your choice.”

Write Your Own Automator Actions, Matt Neuburg: “An Automator Action is extremely easy to write. Documentation on how to do so is copious and helpful... Still, all that documentation may seem overwhelming at first, so this article presents a simple hands-on example to get you started down the road to writing your own Actions.”

Cage Fighter

Tristan O’Tierney: “Can't stand’s new look? This app is simple and sweet. Just click the Off button to turn’s new (hideous) toolbar buttons off.”

TidBITS: Meet Automator

Matt Neuburg: “The history of the Mac is paved with Apple’s attempts to enable ordinary users to tap the programmable power of their own computers.”

An Inevitable Tiger Review “With barely a few days of usage on the new OS, how am I liking it? That’s inconclusive for the moment, as I still haven’t had any lightning bolt revelations like the way Exposé struck me. I’ll need more time than this to really form an opinion. It looks like there’s a lot of good new stuff to explore, and of course a few new annoyances to adjust to.”

Tiger Performance Boosts

James Duncan Davidson: “There are some specific performance updates, however, that are very noticeable. One of the biggest is in the Terminal. The speed improvements in the text rendering subsystems really shows itself here. Dump lots of text to a Terminal window and it just screams by in comparison with Terminal on Panther.”

Random Tiger Notes

Michael Tsai posted an interesting list of Tiger observations.

Seattle Traffic Dashboard Widget

Rhonabwy: “It’s completely unfancy, and doesn’t do half the nice things you’d expect a proper ‘widget’ to do really, but it’s there and available for those of us in Seattle who want to see how the traffic is doing on the bridges.”

Ihnatko’s Tiger Report: Automator

Andy Ihnatko: “I have to admit that I was a little bit wary when Automator was first announced. On my bandolier of Geek Scout merit badges, no patch receives higher prominence than AppleScript. I don’t just write little scripts to automatically copy files to my iPod. I write full-blown applications with it.”

DarwinPorts 1.0 “After more than two years in the making, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of DarwinPorts 1.0 in binary form.”

Mac OS X Technology Guide to Automator by Ben Waldie

The SpiderWorks folks have published a new book on using and developing for Automator on Tiger.


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