Jun 2005

iTunes, NetNewsWire, podcasts

On inessential.com we posted our thoughts about the new iTunes podcasting support and what it means for NetNewsWire. In a nutshell: iTunes is cool, and we’ll keep adding new podcasting and RSS enclosures features to NetNewsWire.

Programmatically executing Automator Workflows

The Rogue Amoeba folks have figured out how to launch an Automator workflow. Code provided.

Hacking Apple’s Weather Widget to Show the Time of the Last Update

Daring Fireball: “My frustration was that I wanted to know at a glance whether I needed to wait for updated data. So I hacked it.”

More NetNewsWire 2.0 features you may not know about

On inessential.com we listed a bunch of other new features (aside from tag subscriptions) in NetNewsWire 2.0 that you may not know about.

Tag Subscriptions

On inessential.com we wrote about tag subscriptions, a useful feature new in NetNewsWire 2.0 that you may not have run across yet. Tag subscriptions let you subscribe to feeds on a given topic from Del.icio.us, Flickr, and Technorati.


Nick Matsakis: “Preaggregator is a NetNewsWire add-on that groups together a feed’s unseen stories into a single headline. This is useful for feeds that add a great many headlines at once, but where you are more interested in the the fact that the site has updated than the individual headlines. Preaggregator supports all major feed types, including RSS 2.0 and Atom.”

FeedMailer 0.5

LittleAppleScripts: “FeedMailer is a little applescript application for NetNewsWire.
It gets your selected feed and/or headline and sends it directly to a new mail message.”

Adium script to insert NetNewsWire URL

Michael Rowe has written an AppleScript for the chat program Adium that inserts the URL of the currently active headline from NetNewsWire into an Adium message window as a link.

ATPM reviews NetNewsWire 2.0

Eric Blair reviews NetNewsWire 2.0 in the latest edition of ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh), giving it an Excellent rating. Thanks!


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