Aug 2005

Will RSS replace email?

Sean Gallagher: “What if you could store files for a project in one place, and publish an RSS feed that everyone could subscribe to—giving them access to the most recent version of any file at any time, and alerting them whenever a file was added or changed?”

Connected Flow

Connected Flow is Fraser Speirs’ brand-new Mac OS X software company. Congratulations! Good job, Fraser.

NetNewsWire Style Dangergraphics

Jason Csizmadi: “This is a NetNewsWire Spotlight Style. It's inspired by a style that hicksdesign had created. It's clean simple and easy on the eyes.”

CocoaRadio interviews Brent Simmons

CocoaRadio: “Brent talks about his path to becoming a Cocoa developer, use of the Cocoa frameworks, UI focused design, and offers some tips to those interested in learning Cocoa and Obj-C.”

RSS-with-NetNewsWire ScreenCast

ScreenCastsOnline: “Ok, so you’ve heard about RSS but don’t really know what it is or how it might benefit you? This short screencast gives a quick overview on how you can use RSS to automate your web surfing and remove the tedium of manually checking websites and blogs.”

Watch file system activity in real time

MacWorld: Mac OS X Hints: “Have you ever wanted to find out a bit more detail about what exactly your system is doing at a given point in time?”

Save Current Headline

Brett Gross: “This little AppleScript will take your currently selected feed from NetNewsWire (paid) and save it to a folder in your Documents folder named 'RSS' You can change the destination folder or just make a folder named 'RSS' in your Documents folder.

The script will also automatically insert the following keywords in the HTML file: RSS, NetNewsWire, k_RSS, k_NetNewsWire. These keywords can be used as search criteria in Spotlight searches. For example, searching for 'k_RSS' will find all of these files no matter where they are.”

Interview with John Gruber

GUIdebook: “The other thing I remember from the initial Aqua demo was the crazy purple button in the top-right corner of each window. Clicking it would put you in a new ‘single-window mode,’ where you could only see one window at a time. The fact that that feature never saw the light of day is proof that it’s possible to talk Steve Jobs out of a bad idea—that purple button had ‘Jobs’ written all over it.”

Web Apps with Tiger: Getting Started

Kevin Hemenway: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ve got your Dashboard, your Automator, your Spotlight, your uber-Safari, and your RSS screensaver. And they’re great, dandy, zippidity-doo-dah. It’d be terrific if there were something new under the hood for web serving, right?”

Nuevos public beta 2: universal binary

Public beta 2 of Jesper Lindholm’s Nuevos adds a bunch of new features and is now a universal binary., Cocoalicious, NetNewsWire

Peter Rukavina: My Delicious NetNewsWire: “This week I found out that my RSS newsreader, NetNewsWire works really well with my OS X front-end Cocoalicious. So I decided to make a screencast to show how I use them together.”

Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python

Apple Developer Connection: “While Cocoa applications are generally written in Objective-C, Python is a fully capable choice for application development. Python is an interpreted, interactive and object-oriented programming language, that provides higher-level features such as regular expressions and garbage collection, and it's built into Mac OS X Tiger.”

The follow-up from Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch explains that “a lot of tech topics would do better with more cowbell.”


Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra: “Scrax is a scraper for converting html page archive data from web comics into RSS feeds. This is quite useful for tracking many web comics at once, especially those with odd update schedules.”

class-dump for universal binaries

Out of Cheese: “I saw a thread on Usenet tonight which mentioned that the class-dump utility didn’t work with universal binaries, so I took a few minutes and patched it up.”

BBEdit 8.2.3: universal binary

MacMinute: “BBEdit 8.2.3 runs natively as a Universal Binary for the Apple Developer Transition Kit hardware. BBEdit 8.2.3 also introduces syntax coloring and function navigation for Objective-C++, fixes reported issues and adds minor interface refinements and enhancements.”

Mac Polish

carpeaqua: “What is Mac Polish?... Let’s just analyze VoodooPad and look at some of the nifty little features that I think make it a polished application.”

Subscribe from Firefox with Feed Your Reader

Feed Your Reader lets you subscribe to a site’s feed in your default aggregator, such as NetNewsWire, using Firefox’s live bookmark icon.

NetNewsWire Efficiency Tips

MacTips has posted tips for reading feeds in NetNewsWire, including use of the spacebar and enter key, organizing feeds into groups, flagging items, and more.

Productivity: Reading News The GTD Way

Daniel Miessler describes his system for efficiently reading news using an RSS aggregator and a browser with tabs, based on David Allen's Getting Things Done.

When you’re opening a myriad of websites and checking each at different times, there’s never an end to it. With this system there is. You check your reliable feeds, open anything of interest, read them all in turn, then you’re done.”

NetNewsWire to SiteTagger

Michael Manley has written an AppleScript that posts bookmarks from tabs in NetNewsWire to the bookmark management program SiteTagger.

Objective-C messaging

Eric Albert: “I'm a bit concerned that folks will read Peter’s post and think, ‘objc_msgSend is slow! Hey, I use Objective-C! I can make my code a lot faster by tweaking my compiler!’”

Introduction to Open Source Scripting on Mac OS X

Apple Developer Connection: “If you’re new to the world of open source scripting languages—or just want to brush up on what’s unique about Mac OS X—this article will help you get oriented. Mac OS X bundles the most popular scripting languages out of the box: perl, Python, php, tcl, Ruby—not to mention shells such as bash, ksh, zsh, and csh.”


ridiculous fish: “Since every Objective-C message send is funneled through objc_msgSend(), making objc_msgSend() as fast as possible is a priority. Let’s see how fast we are and if we could do better.”


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