Sep 2005

Create customized Terminal command windows

Macworld, Rob Griffiths: “For today’s geeky Friday, we’re going to look at a couple ways to make your use of the Terminal more efficient.”

Reusable Cocoa Script Menu

indyJT Weblog: “So here’s a riddle, what do iTunes, DVD Player, Xcode, FlySketch, NetNewsWire, MarsEdit and BBEdit all have in common? Give up? They all have one of these... Their own script menu.”

NetNewsWire Subs to HTML

Ryan Prins: “I needed a way to update my blogroll on my site. So, I took my first foray into AppleScript and hashed out a simple little script to populate my blogroll page.”

NetNewsWire on a USB Drive

Tech Goes Boom: “For those of us who can’t sync our NetNewsWire data over the web due to firewalls or other infonazi roadblocks, there is hope. I currently keep the contents of ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire on my USB thumbdrive. It does slow things down a little bit, but nothing major, and it allows me to keep everything current.”

Fundraiser auction: get cool software for a good cause

Seth Dillingham’s PMC Software Auctions are now live. The disks being auctioned have incredible applications: BBEdit, Delicious Library, FlySketch, OmniOutliner, and tons more. (We at Ranchero donated copies of NetNewsWire and MarsEdit.) Check out the entire list.

There are great Windows disks too, with apps like FeedDemon, Lux, Onfolio Professional, and TopStyle. (And more.)

Apple launches Intel transition resource site

Macworld: “In an effort to increase its online Intel resources for developers, Apple has launched The Developer Transition Resource Center. Apple bills the site as ‘your one-stop shop for the information and guidance you need to create universal binaries for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.’”

CocoaRadio interviews Gus Mueller

CocoaRadio: “Join me for the latest interview with Gus Mueller of Flying Meat as he discusses his work and experiences with Cocoa. His award-winning app, VoodooPad is now accompanied by FlySketch and FlyGesture.”

NewsGator API - win a laptop

Greg Reinacker: “On the heels of our NewsGator Online API launch, NewsGator has announced an API developer competition... basically, we’re looking for the coolest applications that use the NewsGator API.” First prize is a choice of Dell or Apple laptop.

“Tag This” for NetNewsWire

Deeje Cooley: “Here’s an AppleScript for NetNewsWire that allows you to tag whatever is currently visible in your main window. This means you can tag a blog entry, or tag a browser tab... the script just does the right thing for you.”

CocoaRadio interviews The Coding Monkeys

The Story of SubEthaEdit: “It became the ultimate conference collaboration tool and has a large user base today. Powerbook-toting attendees at O’Reilly’s ETCON 2003 made other less fortunate peers green with envy as much of the session notes were written using SubEthaEdit. Grab a copy and soak up their story.”

Nuevos beta 3

Nuevos is Huevos, only new. This is the first public beta to include source code.

Apple uses iTunes to collect donations for hurricane victims

MacCentral: "Apple is now accepting donations on behalf of the Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Katrina through its iTunes Music Store."


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