Oct 2005

Web 2.01: It's a mistake to rule out the desktop

Nick Bradbury: “Part of the problem is the ‘who’s gonna win’ mindset, as though there’s a battle to the death between web-based and desktop-based apps. The reality is that the two types of applications can integrate to create a new breed of software.”

Membership Numbers

Daring Fireball: “So how is the membership drive going? The answer is, well, so-so. I’ve never published numbers about how many members have signed up, but having giving it some thought this week, I don’t see any reasons why I shouldn’t.”

NetNewsWire to del.icio.us

Ted Leung: “Here are two scripts for getting stuff from NetNewsWire to del.icio.us.”

How to Fight Those Surging Splogs

Wired News: “‘Splogs,’ or spam blogs, are the latest way for spammers to manipulate the blogosphere for profit. The phenomenon hit an all-time high recently, when Google’s blog-hosting service, Blogger, was inundated with more than 13,000 fake blogs spawned by a script (all have since been taken down).”

NetNewsWire Style: Softcover

moltenglobule.org: “Please go ahead and create further derivative works from my derivative work. It’s like evolution, except there’s no selection pressure and it’s Intelligent Design... so maybe it’s not about Evolution.”

Continuing MarsEdit Development

MarsEdit IconAs reported on The Unofficial Apple Weblog and at Ars Technica, we have decided to continue MarsEdit development at NewsGator! For more details, see inessential.com.

NetNewsWire Style: Citizen Kubrick

Oliver Taylor: “This theme for NetNewsWire was inspired by a bout of reading I did on one of my favorite directors, Stanley Kubrick (and has little to do with the Wordpress theme).”

Cocoa XML-RPC Client

Ditchnet.org: “XML-RPC Client is a free Cocoa-based developer tool for Mac OS X Tiger that allows you to access and debug XML-RPC web services from the comfort of your desktop.”

NetNewsWire Style: Hardcover


Tim Bray: “Holy cow, I just wrote about splogs and over this weekend, they’ve exploded. At eight when I looked at my PubSub feed, there were 31 entries, 30 splog.”

Web 2.01 Release Notes

Nick Bradbury: “Web 2.0 isn’t about the latest trend in technology—it’s about ‘harnessing collective intelligence,’ involving customers in product development and taking advantage of the web’s distributed nature.”

Too many RSS feeds? Put ’em on probation

43 Folders: “I actually had a folder called ‘Sequester’ where I’d throw any feed that was starting to get on my nerves (too many [kitty photos | jokey memes | posts about the salvation promised by Longhorn/Vista]).”

The Life

Daring Fireball: “Once a developer gets enough paying users to consider quitting his day job so he can devote full-time effort to writing code, he’s quite possibly got so many paying users that he’ll spend much of his time helping customers in ways other than writing code.”

Advanced Breakpoints in Xcode

bbum’s weblog-o-mat: “One very important feature of the advanced breakpoints found within Xcode is the ability to cause something to happen in the debugger—play a sound, print some data, run some AppleScript or invoke a shell script—without interrupting the application being debugged beyond stopping it briefly to take whatever action is specified in the breakpoint.”

Understanding Xcode Projects

Apple Developer Connection: “To become truly proficient with Xcode, whether you’ve been using it for a while or are just starting to make the transition, an understanding of the Xcode user interface and how it is used to organize a software project is required. This understanding will take you a long way towards understanding the philosophy behind Xcode and how it works, and will help to make it work better for you.”

Model-View-Controller in Web 2.0

O’Reilly, Fraser Speirs: “In the Web 2.0 apps that really Get It, they have a database backend, a web frontend and—crucially—some kind of web services API in between. Flickr is a great example of this kind of architecture—almost everything you can do through the Flickr website can be done programmatically through a desktop application.”

ollicle: Flex CSS with JavaScript for better reading

Another NetNewsWire style: “A nagging desire to find a novel and useful application of the template.html file in a NetNewsWire style and thoughts regarding the limitations of web typography came together a few weeks ago while reading another of the many blog posts on the pros and cons of flexible vs. fixed width web layouts. Why not use a little JavaScript to make line spacing relative to line width?”

NewsGator acquires NetNewsWire

We're pleased to announce that NewsGator Technologies, Inc. has acquired NetNewsWire, and that Brent Simmons is joining NewsGator as a product architect. We're thrilled to be joining the NewsGator team and look forward to an exciting future for NetNewsWire.

Be sure to check out the Q&A with Brent Simmons and Greg Reinacker for more details, as well as the official NewsGator press release.

Brent, Greg, Nick Bradbury, J.B. Holston, Sandy Hamilton and Brad Feld have also written about the acquisition on their weblogs. Also check out MacCentral, DrunkenBlog and The Unofficial Apple Weblog for more coverage.

What Is Darwin (and How It Powers Mac OS X)

MacDevCenter.com: “Darwin is the Unix-derived core that provides the underlying foundation for Mac OS X. At Darwin’s heart is the XNU kernel—a Mach 3.0-based microkernel that has been modified to include portions of FreeBSD for performance reasons.”


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