Nov 2005

Pod2Go 1.6b1

Kainjow: “Support for importing NetNewsWire feeds has been added. These will show up in the Sources window when you click the + button.”

WebnoteHappy Lite public beta

Happy Apps: “Ever lose a web page? Have lots of bookmarks which seem inaccessible? Don’t want to share all your bookmarks with the entire world?”

FlySketch 1.6

Gus Mueller: “After you are done with your turkey tomorrow, you can sit down next to a warm fire with your Apple portable of choice, and sketch away with the newly released FlySketch 1.6.”

Simple Sharing Extensions for NetNewsWire

Niall Kennedy: “I created a Simple Sharing Extensions exporter for NetNewsWire followed links as a proof of concept. The OPML SSE exporter is written in AppleScript. It iterates through each subscription feed and its items, outputting every feed and the descriptive data about the items you have opened in a browser.”

A Proposal for Webkit Programmers

Karelia Software: “So here is our offer: for each bug from our list (below) that is fixed (via a patch attached to the report in the WebKit Bugzilla), to our satisfaction, we will pay a ‘fix thank you’ of US$100. If and when a submitted patch is committed to the official WebKit repository, we will pay that person a ‘committed patch thank you’ of US$150.”

Open-Source software for OS X

Open Source Mac “is a simple list of the best free and open source software for Mac OS X. We aren’t trying to be a comprehensive listing of every open-source mac app, instead we want to showcase the best, most important, and easiest to use.”

Evening at Adler Video Now Online

drunkenblog: “On October 21st in the year of '05, ten top Mac developers (primarily indies) from around the USA were invited to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL for an evening of conversation around a broad range of topics: Making a living writing for the Mac, software patents, competing with Apple, digital rights management (DRM), software activation, bugs, Ajax, unit testing, building communities, the x86 transition, and much much more... This was recorded, and the video and audio are now online.”

Apple releases Xcode 2.2

Macworld: “Among other changes in debugging, Xcode includes Attach on Crash, a function that activates when an application launched from Xcode’s ‘Run’ command crashes, Xcode will automatically attach its debugger to the crashed application.”

NetNewsWire/Marsedit/ Link blog

david’s brain blog: “Well, I had an unused blog and a morning free to do some applescripting so I knocked up a quick script to take the current post I am reading in NetNewsWire and post it (via Marsedit) to my blog.”

Getting Control with Subversion and Xcode

Apple Developer Connection: “Using this cutting-edge version control system can help you code more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on what the Mac developer community is famous for: great applications.”

Macworld readers’ choice voting

NetNewsWire, Comic Life, Audio Hijack Pro, Transmit, and other apps are nominees in this year’s Macworld readers’ choice awards. Go vote for your favorite app!

NetNewsWire Style: Typographer

Oliver Taylor: “Typographer is a clean, minimalist theme that focuses on beautiful, readable text. The header font is ‘Hoefler Text,’ a wonderful typeface, and uses Baskerville as a body text. Instead of mimicking the look of a book, I decided to attempt to mimic the feel of an old book.”

New weblogs: Big Nerd Ranch, Rich Siegel

The folks at Big Nerd Ranch have started a weblog: “We will be talking about the stuff we consult and teach classes on: Cocoa, PHP, PostgreSQL, System Administration.”

Rich Siegel (BBEdit fame) started Glorified Typist about a month ago, where he “writes about whatever he wants to.”

(Both weblogs have RSS feeds, of course.)

One Week Left for NewsGator API Competition

NewsGator: “For you developers out there, there’s still time to enter our API competition! Just write a cool application that uses the NewsGator Online API, and have a chance to win a Dell Latitude or an Apple Powerbook laptop, or an iPod Nano.”

Emacs OS Xplosion

ongoing: “OS X has been with us for a few years now, and Emacs has been coming along slowly and surely. We must have hit some sort of a tipping point, and there are a whole lot of people working on the problem; the result is that life is getting better and better for the Emacs tribe.”

Gus Mueller of Flying Meat working on MarsEdit

Gus Mueller, of Flying Meat—of VoodooPad, FlySketch, and FlyGesture fame—is now working on MarsEdit 1.1, so that we can move MarsEdit and NetNewsWire forward at the same time. More details on (MarsEdit 1.1 will be a free upgrade for MarsEdit users.)

CocoaRadio interviews Rory Prior of ThinkMac Software

CocoaRadio: “In this podcast, Rory Prior of ThinkMac Software in the U.K. talks about coming to the Mac from Java among other learning experiences. While his application, NewsMac, was one of the first RSS news readers on the Mac it’s only fairly recently that he’s joined the ranks of Cocoa developers. He also offers some advice to operating a Mac software business from the U.K.”

Add Xcode c and c++ header files to Spotlight

macosxhints: “If you use Xcode, it’s extremely useful to have your header files indexed by Spotlight. This isn’t done by default, and it isn’t well documented how to achieve it. It’s actually pretty easy!”

“Twenty Four Whole Dollars For This Little Island?”

Rogue Amoeba: “In the past six months, we’ve had three different magazines contact us and ask if we would be interested in including a full version of our software on their CD. To be clear, they weren’t asking about including the demo, something we’re always happy to have spread around. These editors were interested in including a fully licensed, unrestricted version of one of our applications, free of charge.”

Cocoa Cookies 0.1 “Cocoa Cookies is a very simple Cocoa app that helps you to search for and delete HTTP cookies stored in the shared Cocoa cookies storage used by Safari, NetNewsWire, Shiira, and others.”

FlyGesture 1.0

Gus Mueller: “FlyGesture 1.0 is out. It’s a new take on mouse gestures, combined with actions that you can chain together. It’s a little... different.”


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