Dec 2005

A Quick Look at the MarsEdit Weblog Editor

Derrick Story, O’Reilly: “It sports a clean UI that you’d expect from Ranchero (feeling very NetNewsWire like), is very easy to connect to your MT server, enables roundtrip editing in your favorite text editor (in addition to its own friendly editor interface), has easy-to-use image uploading (uses a separate window that also catalogs your previous image uploads for easy repurposing), includes an RPC console, and is AppleScriptable.”

Mac small business dinner January 11 in San Francisco

Niall Kennedy is organizing a dinner at Macworld Expo to “bring together the small businesses attending the conference for face-to-face discussion and sharing of ideas.” (Your friendly NetNewsWire developer plans to attend.)

MarsEdit 1.1fc1: final candidate

MarsEdit IconMarsEdit 1.1fc1 is a final candidate release. At this point we’re looking for any deal-stopper bugs that must be fixed before shipping.

You can download it from the beta page.

This release includes an updated Help Book, more graceful preview window updating, and a bunch of bug fixes. (More detailed change notes are on the beta page.)

(In case you missed the previous 1.1 betas, here’s what’s new in MarsEdit 1.1.)

How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days

Gus Mueller: “What Panic would do. WWPD? Stick it on a bracelet and you are set.”


ridiculous_fish: “Everyone knows that arrays don’t have logarithmic lookups—they have constant time lookups. But not these ‘arrays!’ (necessarily!) In fact, you might notice that the guarantees Apple does make are weak enough for CFArray to be a hash table or binary tree. Talk about implementation latitude! Is there any payoff?”

OmniGraffle Musical Taste

drunkenbatman: “If you have OmniGraffle, you can download and run the AppleScript below. It’ll trawl through your iTunes library, map out all the artists, hi-light the most popular, and connect it all so you can arrange it as you will. I’d say that qualifies as suitably neat yet pointless...”

Macworld: 2005 Eddy Awards - NetNewsWire 2

NetNewsWire won an Eddy in the category of Great Mac Tools! Our pals at Panic also won in this category for Transmit 3.2. Some of the other cool apps winning Eddys this year include Comic Life, TextWrangler, OmniOutliner, SuperDuper, and LaunchBar.

MarsEdit 1.1b6 public beta

MarsEdit IconMarsEdit 1.1b6 is the second public beta of MarsEdit 1.1.

You can download it from the beta page.

This release updates the French localization and fixes a few bugs, including a work-around for a time zone problem with some weblog systems. (More details are on the beta page.)

(In case you missed the previous beta, here’s what’s new in MarsEdit 1.1.)

OPML Import via Web Services API

Kevin Burton: “I’m adding support for OPML import right now within TailRank. Pick a service, enter your username/password, and your feeds will be automatically imported into your TailRank account.”

Managing MySQL on Mac OS X

O’Reilly, Robert Daeley: “MySQL is a popular database management system with which most web developers are familiar. You can’t swing a cat on the internet without hitting a website running it on the back end.”

Dreamsicle - A new NetNewsWire Style “So, as a celebration of just how popular the styles on this site have become I’ve created what is, by far, my best and most complex style yet. It features the elegant, dynamic display of metadata so that it’s there when you need it and not when you don’t.”

MarsEdit 1.1b5 public beta

MarsEdit IconMarsEdit 1.1b5 is the first public beta of MarsEdit 1.1.

You can download it from the beta page.

The main goal of 1.1 is to handle the most common bug reports and feature requests. Highlights include titles for Blogger sites, an easy way to choose preview text filters, editing dates and enclosures (including podcasts), Technorati tags support, and more. It also includes a bit of silly, harmless fun.

Here’s what’s new in MarsEdit 1.1. Also see for more details.

Update 4:45 p.m.: Here’s Gus Mueller (who’s been working on MarsEdit) on MarsEdit 1.1b5.

Life with SQLite

Big Nerd Ranch: “With Tiger, Apple has started using SQLite in many ways. Most notably, SQLite is the recommended store for Core Data applications. This column, which originally appeared in MacTech Magazine covers some of the things any Cocoa developer should know about SQLite.”

VoodooPad 2.5 released

Gus Mueller: “My second favorite new feature is the web export workflow stuff. You can now make decent looking websites out of a VoodooPad document, which is super cool.”

Weblog II is Finally ‘Out There’

Seth Dillingham: “Macrobyte has finally released Weblog II, our ‘next generation’ weblogging system for Conversant. Big, smart, easy to use...”


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