Jan 2006

iWeb as External Weblog Editor

Blogum: “A couple of days ago I posted code for an AppleScript application bundle which let you post entries from NetNewsWire to iWeb. But that code didn’t support NetNewsWire’s external weblog editor protocol, so it was a little fragile. Here’s a new disk image with updated code which does support the protocol.”

My NetNewsWire -> del.icio.us applescript

Brewed Fresh Daily: “Here’s what I’m using to send stuff from NNW to my del.icio.us account.”

Yojimbo information organizer debuts

Macworld: “Yojimbo [by Bare Bones Software] collects, stores and find information when you need it—everything from text to bookmarks, PDF files, Web archives, serial numbers and passwords, using drag and drop, copying or importing.”

Image aggregator prototype

Greg Reinacker: “I’m a visual person, and a lot of the feeds I subscribe to have images in the posts. If I could see all of those images together, I could make some quick decisions about what I want to read now, vs. what I will read later. And thus was born the image aggregator.”

Path Finder 4 available

Merlin Mann: “I’m very happy to share that PathFinder 4 is now out and available for download at Cocoatech’s site. I’ve been beta-testing this badboy for a couple months now and can happily confer upon it my official okey-dokey. It’s one badass Finder replacement that power-users will find pretty foxy.”

iLife ’06 From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Interface

Daring Fireball: “Hey. Brushed. What’s up?”

A bundle of fun

O’Reilly, Giles Turnbull: “While reality distorts...”

MarsEdit and iWeb: not competing apps

On inessential.com, Brent explains the differences between MarsEdit and iWeb. Though both can be used as part of a blogging workflow, they’re different in intent and purpose: MarsEdit is an editor that works with weblog generators such as TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress, while iWeb is an editor that is also a weblog generator.

DTK Exchange for iMacs

Apple Developer Connection: “Each Developer Transition Kit you have may be exchanged for a new Intel-based iMac at no charge. We’ll provide you with the iMac prior to your return of the DTK to allow you to move resources as necessary from the DTK to the iMac.”

This DTK-renting developer has this to say: “Hey, cool!”

MarsEdit 1.1: universal, and shipping!

MarsEdit IconMarsEdit 1.1 is out of beta, shipping today!

It’s a universal binary—it runs on Intel Macs as well as PowerPC Macs. It has a bunch of other new features, including support for Technorati tags, enclosures, titles for Blogger weblogs, date editing, and easy text filters support. Here’s what’s new in MarsEdit 1.1.

You can download it from the MarsEdit home page. It costs $24.95, and is available bundled with NetNewsWire for $39.95. And it’s a free upgrade for current MarsEdit users.

Also see the press release for more information and quotes.

Interview with Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster

CocoaRadio: “He shares his colorful opinions on software development, and handling the fame lavished upon him as a popular Mac developer. The paparazzi swarming Zoka café are just a minor nuisance.”

Receiving your NetNewsWire headlines on your cellphone

The Macintosh Apple Tree: “With this, you will be able to send a text message with a keyword to your email address and it will send a list of the current headlines from NNW to a predetermined address (your cellphone).”

New NetNewsWire Style Dg Platinum

Dangergraphics.com: “This new style is based on Itunes new platinum look which I really like more so than the old brush metal look.”

TextMate Year in Review

Allan Odgaard: “Recently Gus Mueller disclosed his sales graphs for the first 3 years (with figures removed). Since the graph is likely more interesting than total number of sales, I am following his fine example and present here my (normalized) monthly sales for 2005 (also with figures removed).”

Small and Nimble

The Long Story behind Karelia’s New logo: “I had intended to write up the story behind the logo some time after Sandvox’s release, but the rumors that started circulating on ‘the internets’ yesterday prompted me to write it now. At the end, I have an announcement that will demonstrate how this logo applies to Karelia software today.”

Bloglight - Desktop Blog Searching for the Mac

T-Squared Software: “Bloglight makes it easy to search for weblogs. Find out what others are saying about you, your product, company or your favorite TV show or band. There are so many blogs that someone out there is bound to be talking about something you are interested in.”

RSS feed for crash reports

Kevin Ballard: “I wrote a ruby script that generates an RSS feed for all the Crash Reporter logs on your machine. Just create a New Special Subscription in NetNewsWire, point it at the script, and you’re all set.” We might add that it’s extra cool because it uses red text for the thread that crashed, making it easy to pick out. (And we’ll also remind you to make sure the script is executable so that NetNewsWire can run it.)


Jonathan Wight: “Well that didn’t take long! I can now perform spotlight queries in NetNewsWire.”

newLISP and the Mac Finder working together with Big Cat

(newLISPer): “It’s useful to be able to run newLISP scripts when you’re using the MacOS Finder. The best way I’ve found to do this is a free utility called Big Cat.”


drunkenbatman: “Growl is a unified messaging system for OS X. There are very few things that have improved my productivity across the board as Growl has. If I gave out awards, it’d have gold stars by its name up the wazoo.”

RSS for core dumps

Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra wrote a Ruby script which generates an RSS feed listing the core dumps on his machine. (!!!)

The Power of mdfind

MacDevCenter.com, Andy Lester: “I had the power of Spotlight available to me from the Unix shell. Experienced Unix users will find mdfind’s interface familiar. Mac power users who have never used the Unix under the hood of Tiger are in for a treat.”

Developing Mac Applications for a Living

Michael Dupuis: My Own Take on Getting to Live “The Life”: “With two applications now, I was starting to take the idea of doing my Mac development full time. I had essentially been working 2 full-time jobs for a long time, and it was starting to take its toll. Something had to give.”

Really Simple Consolation

Daniel Jalkut: “I don’t want to be one of those nerds who leaves the Console window open all the time just waiting for junk to happen. I want to live! So I had an idea. I’ll track this junk the way I track all the other junk. With NetNewsWire!”

Interview with Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba

CocoaRadio: “Paul Kafasis is a a co-founder of Rogue Amoeba, the guys who have mastered the art of hijacking audio on your Mac. He joined me for an interview about developing audio apps on OSX, podcasting, and running a software company (no small feat with one partner living in Russia!)”

MarsEdit 1.1fc2

MarsEdit IconMarsEdit 1.1fc2 is the second final candidate release—it adds 2006 to the copyright date in the About box and it includes an updated French localization.

You can download it from the beta page.

(Just in case you missed the previous 1.1 betas, here’s what’s new in MarsEdit 1.1.)


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