Feb 2006

iPackaging, Redmond-style

SeattlePI.com Buzzworthy: “Someone has assembled a hilarious, dead-on parody video showing what one of Apple’s sleek, minimalist iPod boxes might look like if it were redesigned by Microsoft.”

Update noon-ish Thursday: here’s a new URL for the video. (The old one was apparently taken down.) (Thanks, Ronnie! Thanks, Jack!)

Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X

Apple Developer Connection: “It should come as no surprise that Mac OS X is a favored platform for Rails development. Rails and its supporting cast of web servers and databases thrive on the rich Mac OS X environment.”

iPhoto 6: the toolbar

decaffeinated: “If you’d thought unchecking every item in a menu titled ‘Show in Toolbar’ would leave you with nothing showing, you’d be dead wrong; you’re definitely left with something. Eight somethings.”

The Life - Day 3.0

Luis DeLaRosa: “Keeping schedules—corporate managers use Microsoft Project. Joel uses Excel spreadsheets. What does a Mac Indie use? I use VoodooPad.”

The Safari Shell Script Execution Exploit

Daring Fireball: “The file name extension in this case is a lie. The file is not, in fact, a JPEG image. It’s a shell script. And so when it is ‘opened,’ it’s opened by Terminal because of the ‘usro’ resource, and the shell script is run.”

Macsb Iron Coder contest

Gus Mueller: ”It’s the #macsb iron coder contest. Where mac programmers are given an API, a theme, and 24 hours to make something cool.”

I’m hoping for OSAKit + Abstract Expressionism, but that’s just me.

Are Input Managers the Work of the Devil?

TidBITS, Matt Neuburg: “If you can’t rely on the System to be the System and nothing but the System, what can you rely on? Unfortunately many third-party INITs were really cool and using them was irresistible.”

Windows of Perception

Daniel Jalkut: “An average user looking at their desktop, with all Finder windows closed, would answer ‘none’ to the question ‘how many windows are open?’ But there are dozens if not hundreds of windows being displayed in part or full on a typical Mac user’s screen. They just don’t look like windows.” (Via Michael Tsai.)

Camino 1.0

MacMinute: “The Camino Project today announced the Camino 1.0 browser, a free Web browser for Mac OS X, built on the open source Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.”


ollieman style

ollieman: “And so I present to you, the oven-fresh new style: ollieman. It’s fitting that this style be self-titled; I feel that this new design is the truest expression of my design-style to date. It’s the first time I have really expressed something thru code, and I’m happy to share it with you.”

FeedDemon 2.0 Easter Egg

Nick Bradbury: “I had hoped to get beta 2 of FeedDemon 2.0 out this week, but unfortunately we’ve had to delay it for a few days. To make up for this, I’ll spill the beans about the Easter egg that’s in the first FeedDemon 2.0 beta.”

Script Debugger 4.0 - What’s New In 4.0?

Late Night Software: “Script Debugger 4.0’s simplified User Interface displays more information in a smaller space and takes greater advantage of the wide-screen displays on recent Macintosh computers.”


Fraser Speirs: “It’s nifty that NSSegmentedControl has its own programming guide now, but I felt a gigantic disturbance in the force when this screenshot is the Figure 1.”

Anthracite 1.4 release gives Mac Intel users SOAP and XPath power

MacMinute News: “Metafy today announced the latest Anthracite Web Mining Desktop toolkit software release—version 1.4—with new capabilities including SOAP and XPath support, available now for Apple’s new Intel-based Macs.”

Shortcut Recorder (Help Wanted)

waffle software: “Shortcut Recorder will be a reusable ‘control’ for Cocoa programmers to use whenever they want to record a traditional key combination.”

NetNewsWire Style: Dartanion

John Warne: “This is my first attempt at a style for NetNewsWire, an RSS and Atom Newsreader for Mac OS X. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!”

Path Finder 4 Still Shows the Way

TidBITS: “Thanks to Path Finder 4, from Cocoatech, you can bypass the Finder in favor of a sensible, rational, gorgeously clean environment for working with files and folders. At every step, in every detail, Path Finder’s interface and behavior simply do the Right Thing.”

TheCodingMonkeys State of the Union

TheCodingMonkeys: “Promotions are more effective than you think. We did a ‘buy SubEthaEdit license(s), get one for free’ offer a year ago and were impressed that we actually sold twice the amount of licenses than usual, not including the free ones of course.”

NetNewsWire style with free cookies

Oliver Boermans: “Armed with a copy of the wonderful DOMscripting I decided to tackle this problem from a different angle. Perhaps the images could scale to fit the available space.”

NetNewsWire Tips, Scripts, Styles

In case you haven’t seen these before: we have pages (and feeds, of course!) for NetNewsWire tips, scripts, and styles.

Use iWeb as a NetNewsWire Weblog Editor

macosxhints: “I was able to build an AppleScript which creates a new iWeb blog entry from the currently-selected NetNewsWire (NNW) news item.”

Stop Stop Stop Hurting the Internet

Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch: “Is Microsoft attempting to resurrect the Windows 1.0 ‘we have 16 colors, we must use them all’ theme?”

Anentry (send-email script for NetNewsWire)

Celsius1414: Anentry is a “simple AppleScript to send an email via Mail based on the currently selected headline in NetNewsWire.”

WebnoteHappy Lite 1.0 Ships

Happy Apps: “WebnoteHappy Lite lets you write a note for any web page that interests you, creating a bookmark in the process.” (Congrats to Luis!)

Shark doesn’t bite

Rhonabwy: “The development tools are good, but frankly the most amazing development benefits are in the CHUD tools—there’s stuff that is thousands of dollars worth of software in there, and they’re just handing it to you. I’d even bet that if you developed for Linux, you’d find Shark a hell of a benefit to you.”


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