Mar 2006

Hex Fiend

ridiculous_fish: “One of my side projects has borne some fruit. Meet Hex Fiend, a new hex editor for Mac OS X. (Hex editors allow you to edit the binary data of a file in hexadecimal or ASCII formats.)”

Building a Sample Core Data Application

Video tutorial from Apple Developer Connection: “When you take advantage of Core Data, it slashes the amount of custom code you need to write in order to manage application data. Opening, saving and undo management can all be handled by Core Data, freeing you to concentrate on creating unique features for your application.”

Also see Wolf’s notes on the article.

“Talking” series wrap up

Hawk Wings: “I’ve finally given up all hope that Steve Jobs will ever answer my emails, so it’s time to close off the ‘Talking’ series that ran on Hawk Wings through February and early March.”

I enjoyed reading these (even though I don’t use Mail much). Tim deserves a round of applause for putting this together. Very cool.

NewsGator multiple product releases

Greg Reinacker's Weblog: “Well, the teams are exhausted :-), but this is a HUGE multi-product release day!”

Congratulations to Nick Harris on getting Inbox 2.6 released! And congratulations to the rest of the team on all the design changes and new features!

FeedDemon 2.0 golden

Nick Bradbury: “After months of coding, debugging, refining and performance-tuning, FeedDemon 2.0 is finally done. The code has been frozen, the final install has been built, the documentation has been written, and we’re all set to go live with it.”

Congratulations to Nick!

Debugging with gdb videos

Mark Dalrymple: “The Seattle Xcoders showed some home movies of me giving a talk to my Local Linux User’s Group, made a couple of years ago, about debugging with gdb. I figured I’d list them here for anyone that is totally bored out of their skull.”

NetNewsWire Sale! Just $19.95

NetNewsWire IconSpecial sale! You can buy NetNewsWire for $19.95 from right now until NetNewsWire 2.1 ships.

Or you can buy the NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle for just $29.95, which is an even better deal.

This sale means you save $5 on NetNewsWire, or save $10 on the NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle price—$20 less than if you bought them separately at regular price.

If you’re a NetNewsWire Lite user, this is a great time to upgrade.

If you’re curious about what’s in the full version that’s not in Lite, the list looks like this: searching, browsing, persistence, smart lists, flagged items, tag subscriptions, widescreen view, scriptability, HTML differences, podcast downloading, and, well, more.

Go to our online store to buy NetNewsWire or the NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle.

When NetNewsWire 2.1 ships, the price for NetNewsWire will be $29.95, and purchasers will get a one-year NewsGator Online subscription along with all NetNewsWire updates for one year. (NetNewsWire will continue to work if the subscription lapses, though in stand-alone mode.)

Existing users—people who already bought NetNewsWire or who buy NetNewsWire through this sale—will get a two-year NewsGator Online subscription for free, as well as all NetNewsWire updates for two years. (And, again, the software doesn’t stop working if the subscription lapses: you’ve bought the software.)

MarsEdit will remain $24.95. There will no longer be a special NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle price.

Which is all to say: this sale is a good deal, and it ends when NetNewsWire 2.1 ships (within the next few weeks). So please take advantage of it now!

If you don’t already have a copy of NetNewsWire, you can download it from the NetNewsWire home page—or check out the latest beta of NetNewsWire 2.1.

Getting Started with Quartz Composer

Erica Sadun, “Take Quartz Composer, for example. It’s a free utility that can bring new life and interest to your iMovie projects. In this article, you’ll learn how to use your own pictures to create a simple but flashy animation.”

AppleScript for the rest of us

bbum’s weblog-o-mat: “Of all the programming languages I have learned, there are two that have consistently made me feel stupid. Prolog and AppleScript.”

Postr beta

From Concentrate Software: Postr “supports posting to several online bookmarking services and includes a system to add others.”

My Small Claim to GeekFame

Mike Harris: “Now that NetNewsWire 2.1b17 has gone into public beta, I can reveal a neat little geekery tidbit. I have a preference named after me in NetNewsWire.”

NetNewsWire Lite 2.1b18: first public beta of NetNewsWire Lite 2.1

NetNewsWire IconNetNewsWire Lite 2.1b18—the first public beta of Lite 2.1—has been released!

It’s a Universal binary, of course. It has the same changes as the full version, except for the things that don’t apply.

New features in Lite 2.1 include NewsGator syncing, printing, and posting to

Read the NetNewsWire Lite 2.1b18 change notes for the full scoop!

You can download it from the NetNewsWire betas page. (Just remember that it is a beta: it’s not finished software and it will have bugs.)

NetNewsWire Lite is freeware.

Quick Links AppleScript

Andy Fragen and Steve Kirks wrote an AppleScript script for making “Quick Links” text from NetNewsWire.

WebDesktop 2.5

Steven Frank: “WebDesktop is a little program I wrote years ago that layers a transparent web browser window over your desktop. You can set it to your favorite news site, and let it auto-update in the background. It doesn’t get in the way of your desktop icons or other windows.” Now universal (plus other goodness).

TheCodingMonkeys Blog

TheCodingMonkeys—the mad geniuses behind SubEthaEdit—now have a company weblog. And a feed.

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire

On I posted a list of things you may not know about NetNewsWire.

More about NetNewsWire 2.1: attention, performance, little things

On, more about NetNewsWire 2.1: sorting subscriptions by attention, performance, and a couple little things.

Lifehack Scripting

Fraser Speirs: “Also, a couple of scripts there for taking the front tab in Safari or the selected headline in NetNewsWire, archiving and flagging it in Yojimbo. Nice for when you hit an item you want to read in-depth but not immediately, or you’re trying to rapidly accumulate research material on a particular topic.”

NetNewsWire 2.1b17: misc. bug fixes

NetNewsWire IconNetNewsWire 2.1b17 fixes a few bugs found since the public beta release earlier today...

- It now runs on 10.3.9.

- Fixed a bug where, for some people, the refresh commands would never appear and feeds would never refresh.

- Fixed an issue with long startup times (the first time you ran it) for some people.

You can download it from the NetNewsWire betas page. (Just remember that it is, still, a beta.)

Pukka + NetNewsWire

Code Sorcery Workshop: “We’re happy to announce that the latest NetNewsWire Beta has added support for a posting client in addition to a normal external blogging client. What’s more, Pukka is on the official list of supported clients!”

Just to prove it’s a beta...

We have found some bugs in the NetNewsWire 2.1 beta just released today. Which is completely expected, and just proves that it’s a beta.

Here are the two main ones, just so you know we know about them...

The first is that it doesn’t run on 10.3.9. It was working on 10.3.9, but a recent change stopped it from working. We’ll get it fixed for the next release.

The second is that, for some people, they can’t refresh at all. (We have a lead on the cause, but we’re not positive yet of the fix.)

We’re working on both bugs, of course, and there will be new betas.

More about NetNewsWire 2.1

On I’ve been writing more about NetNewsWire 2.1: on NewsGator syncing, the new Post to command, and printing. (More to come!)

NetNewsWire 2.1b16: first public beta of 2.1

NetNewsWire IconNetNewsWire 2.1b16 has been released!

Highlights of this release include NewsGator syncing, performance enhancements, new commands for emailing, printing, and posting to It’s a Universal binary.

Read the NetNewsWire 2.1b16 change notes for more (lots more) details.

Some screen shots: NewsGator syncing, refreshing plus XML source window, crazy colors, choosing app, Print command, sort-by-attention command.

NetNewsWire 2.1 is a free upgrade for all current users.

Faux Collection Class Subclassing

AgentM: “If you have used Cocoa a lot, you’ve come across a situation where you might like to subclass a so-called collection class. Apple decided that [[NSArray alloc] init] need not return NSArray.”


Red Sweater Blog: “NetNewsWire, RSS, and AppleScript to the rescue! Since Netflix is hip enough to provide several RSS feeds for its savvy customers, I just grabbed my friend’s Netflix queue RSS feed, and subscribed with NetNewsWire. Then, after selecting the subscription, I typed the following into Script Editor:”


positive spin media: “Looking to add a Safari-style tabs implementation to your project? Look no further; all the heavy lifting has been done in PSMTabBarControl.”

Cocoa Text System

Jacob Rus: “Apple’s Cocoa text system is a complicated beast, but also extremely flexible, and with a bit of work, it can be molded to match many working styles. This how-to covers the 2 major ways of customizing the text input system: Default key bindings, and for still more control, input managers.”

MarsEdit 1.1.2: bug fixes

MarsEdit IconMarsEdit 1.1.2 has been released!

This release includes a new backup feature: before sending a post to the server, a plain text version of the post is written to disk. From time to time we’ve seen a server report that all is well—when really the server lost the post. This gives you a way to get back your work in case the server reports, wrongly, that all is well.

Other changes include bug fixes, especially for Blogger and Blosxom weblogs.

See What’s New in MarsEdit 1.1.2 for more details. You can download the update from the MarsEdit home page.

NewsGator mobile applications

Greg Reinacker: “Other than the first week after we buy a new phone or PDA, when we play with absolutely everything, most of us use mobile devices as an extension of our everyday lives. It’s not the only device we use—it’s a companion device that we use when we’re not sitting at our desk, or with our laptop on.”

My zsh startup files for OS X

W. G. Scott: “zsh is to the other unix shells what OS X is to other operating systems. If you appreciate OS X, it is likely you will appreciate what zsh has to offer.”

Sheepdog “Sheepdog is a system for managing shell .files across multiple unix machines so you can keep a fairly consistent environment (paths, aliases, etc) across all your machines while still keeping machine-specific customizations.”

Nuevos: Now available in bar form

Nuevos: “Nuevos is a Mac OS X search utility allowing you to search using almost any web-based internet search engine, including ones you define, from a small window.”

Set minimum font size in NetNewsWire’s browser

Mac OS X Hints describes how to set the minimum font size in NetNewsWire’s browser.

NNW Unread Menu 1.0

logan design: “nnw unread menu is a simple menu bar application which can provide you with a quick and easy way to see how many headlines are marked as unread in the popular rss reader netnewswire. not only can you view the total number of unread headlines right in the menu bar, but with one click, you can view which subscriptions are unread and how many articles are in each. nnw unread menu also provides growl notification for netnewswire, instantly notifying you when new headlines are available.”

Iron Coder v0 Winner “Congratulations to all participants in the zeroth Iron Coder challenge. We had great turnout considering the extent of our publicity effort was a couple of blog postings. There were ten entries, and not a stinker among them.”

Where we are with NetNewsWire 2.1

On, Brent talks about NetNewsWire 2.1. Currently in private beta testing, the next version will include NewsGator syncing, performance enhancements and bug fixes, some small new (and often-requested) features, and will of course be a Universal binary.

CocoaDevHouse Dallas (Saturday, March 4, 2006) “CocoaDevHouse is a hackathon for Cocoa enthusiasts and anyone looking to mashup ideas for Mac apps.” Check out the wiki for more info.


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