NetNewsWire Sale! Just $19.95

NetNewsWire IconSpecial sale! You can buy NetNewsWire for $19.95 from right now until NetNewsWire 2.1 ships.

Or you can buy the NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle for just $29.95, which is an even better deal.

This sale means you save $5 on NetNewsWire, or save $10 on the NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle price—$20 less than if you bought them separately at regular price.

If you’re a NetNewsWire Lite user, this is a great time to upgrade.

If you’re curious about what’s in the full version that’s not in Lite, the list looks like this: searching, browsing, persistence, smart lists, flagged items, tag subscriptions, widescreen view, scriptability, HTML differences, podcast downloading, and, well, more.

Go to our online store to buy NetNewsWire or the NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle.

When NetNewsWire 2.1 ships, the price for NetNewsWire will be $29.95, and purchasers will get a one-year NewsGator Online subscription along with all NetNewsWire updates for one year. (NetNewsWire will continue to work if the subscription lapses, though in stand-alone mode.)

Existing users—people who already bought NetNewsWire or who buy NetNewsWire through this sale—will get a two-year NewsGator Online subscription for free, as well as all NetNewsWire updates for two years. (And, again, the software doesn’t stop working if the subscription lapses: you’ve bought the software.)

MarsEdit will remain $24.95. There will no longer be a special NetNewsWire/MarsEdit bundle price.

Which is all to say: this sale is a good deal, and it ends when NetNewsWire 2.1 ships (within the next few weeks). So please take advantage of it now!

If you don’t already have a copy of NetNewsWire, you can download it from the NetNewsWire home page—or check out the latest beta of NetNewsWire 2.1.

24 Mar 2006


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