NetNewsWire 2.1b33: full and Lite versions

NetNewsWire IconNetNewsWire 2.1b33 (full and Lite) has been released!

This release includes several bug fixes: see the full version or Lite version change notes for details.

You can download NetNewsWire 2.1b33 via the NetNewsWire Betas page.

This beta will get existing users of the full version of NetNewsWire their two years free NewsGator premium subscription and two years of NetNewsWire updates. (For people who didn’t already do this in 2.1b32.) (If you have questions, please contact the support folks at support at newsgator dot com.)

Reminder: the full version remains on sale for $19.95 until 2.1 ships. Here’s the full scoop on the sale.

24 Apr 2006


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