Jun 2006

NetNewsWire Lite 2.1

NetNewsWire IconNetNewsWire Lite 2.1 has been released!

This release of NetNewsWire Lite includes NewsGator syncing—for free, with a free NewsGator account. Other new features include posting to del.icio.us and printing. It’s a universal binary and includes lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Read the change notes for details on all the changes since 2.0.1. (The change notes include full-version-specific changes too, so not all of it applies. But it includes all the Lite version changes.)

You can download NetNewsWire Lite 2.1 via the NetNewsWire Lite home page. Scroll down to “NetNewsWire Lite 2.1 Now Available.” (Don’t click “Download Trial”—that’s for the full version.)

NetNewsWire Lite is freeware. A feature comparison chart shows the differences between the Lite and full versions of NetNewsWire.

Big Cat Scripts Plugin now Universal

Big Cat IconBig Cat Scripts Plugin 1.0.1 has been released! (Yes, hot on the heels of the 1.0 release, which was a mere three years ago!)

It’s definitely a niche taste, this plugin, but we get requests for a universal binary version, and so here it is. Otherwise it’s unchanged—it works the same as 1.0, it’s just that now it runs on Intel Macs too.

In case you don’t know about Big Cat... it’s a contextual menu plugin that allows you to write your own scripts that appear when you ctrl-click (or right-click) in apps that support system contextual menus. This may be Carbon apps only—but that does include apps such as the Finder and BBEdit.

You can write AppleScript script and shell (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.) scripts.

Big Cat is unsupported freeware.

(Note: the cat names—TigerLaunch and Big Cat—were invented before Apple started using cat names as public code names for the operating system. It’s pure coincidence that I’ve always called my development machine “Tiger” and tended to name apps after it. Yes, I like cats.)

Huevos now Universal

Huevos Icon Huevos 1.1.1 released!

It’s now a universal binary—and it’s one of those apps that really only took clicking a checkbox to make it universal. Piece of cake.

Huevos was my first Cocoa app. I was learning Cocoa by reading the first edition of Aaron Hillegass’s excellent Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. I couldn’t wait—I started writing Huevos before I even finished the book! (This was way back in early 2002.)

Which is also a way of saying that the code in Huevos looks like beginner’s code. But that’s okay—because it also works. I’ve hardly ever had bug reports for Huevos. (I mention the code because it’s open source and you can actually download the code.)

For this release I didn’t touch the code, just rebuilt it as a universal binary.

(In case you’ve never seen Huevos: it’s a search-engine launcher that’s designed to be entirely keyboard-driven. You may be familiar with waffle software’s very cool Nuevos, which is based on Huevos.)

TigerLaunch 1.0.3: now universal binary

TigerLaunch Icon

TigerLaunch 1.0.3 has been released!

We get a surprising amount of people asking for a universal binary version—and now it’s here. This version also fixes a couple small bugs—see the change notes.

If you haven’t used TigerLaunch before, here’s the scoop: it’s a very simple application launcher that lives in your menu. The idea is to de-clutter your Dock by putting your second-tier apps in the TigerLaunch menu.

There’s also a cool feature for developers that I use as an anti-procrastination device: if you have a ~/Projects folder, then TigerLaunch will find all .xcodeproj files and create a Projects menu in your menubar. This way you can quickly open any Xcode project in that folder. (This is how I get started every single day: go up to the Projects menu and choose the app or framework I want to work on. It makes it so easy I can’t really avoid getting started.)

TigerLaunch is freeware—unsupported but open source (BSD license).

NewsGator platform roadmap - Part II (a look forward)

Greg Reinacker: “So now onto the good stuff... what’s coming? What are we thinking? Where are we going?”

Minimal Scriptability

Red Sweater Blog: “The power of this adaptive layer can be witnessed by taking an otherwise unscriptable application and ‘throwing the switch’ that gives Cocoa permission to take over scripting. If you’ve got an unscriptable Cocoa-based application, why not use this as an opportunity to get your feet wet?”

Jobs at NewsGator

NewsGator is hiring for a number of positions—database administration, web UI design, and more.

NewsGator platform roadmap - Part I (a look back)

Greg Reinacker: “About 16 months ago, I wrote NewsGator platform roadmap—where are we going? It’s a little hard to believe it’s been that long... it seems like yesterday. In any case, though, it’s about time to talk about this again, as we’ve come a long way in these last 16 months, and we’ve got a lot of exciting things planned.”

Sofa Control

CASE Apps: “Apple ships a Remote Control with any new Mac. The pre-installed functionality is limited to control just a couple of applications. Sofa Control breaks this limit. With Sofa Control you are able to control any application on your Mac and trigger the actions you like.”

Sofa Control comes with built-in support for NetNewsWire—you can control NetNewsWire with your Apple Remote Control.

Summer Xcode Tips

Red Sweater Blog: “While the world celebrates the changing seasons, we’re all leaning over our keyboards and squinting into the screen, working on our LCD tans. All this warm weather puts me in the mood for Xcode tips!”

Octoberland style for NetNewsWire

Octoberland: “Just created a style template for those of you using NetNewsWire (NNW). It is based off of the look / feel of this site.”

All I Ever Needed To Know About Developing For Windows, I Learned From Rogue Amoeba

Rogue Amoeba: “Just under a month ago we released our very first Windows product, Airfoil for Windows, and it’s doing well. We received a lot of interest relating to our decision to develop for Windows, ranging from a desire to hear our thoughts on developing to questions on sales numbers and comparisons between the Mac and Windows worlds. In this article, I’ll be speaking about the marketing and sales end of the experience of expanding from the Mac to Windows.”

NewsGator for Windows Mobile Beta

NewsGator Daily: “A little less than three months ago, we announced a couple of new mobile RSS readers that were in the works. One of them was a reader for Windows Mobile devices called SmartRead, which was under development by Kevin Cawley. Now christened NewsGator for Windows Mobile Devices, the product has entered public beta, and is available for download.”

Mac users using Windows mobile? Isn’t that treason? ;) Well, no—there is at least one Mac user who does, especially given that there is, sadly, no OS X mobile. (How I wish.)

So, if you’re one of those folks, and you’re interested in syncing your feeds with your phone, and you’d like to help test, please do get in on the beta.

P.S. A J2ME reader is in the works too, for folks who use Blackberry, Palm OS Treo, and similar.

Confidential NewsGator Survey

We’re running a short survey for people who use one or more NewsGator products. It helps us know how to continue to improve our software. All feedback is appreciated—and kept confidential.

Learn Python app

Red Sweater Blog: “Learn Python is a simple Mac OS X application (GNU License, source included) that puts a web browser and terminal window into one application. The web browser points at the aforementioned Python tutorial on the web, and it remembers the last URL you went to, so you can trust it to remember which chapter you were at when you last quit.”


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