NewsGator for Windows Mobile Beta

NewsGator Daily: “A little less than three months ago, we announced a couple of new mobile RSS readers that were in the works. One of them was a reader for Windows Mobile devices called SmartRead, which was under development by Kevin Cawley. Now christened NewsGator for Windows Mobile Devices, the product has entered public beta, and is available for download.”

Mac users using Windows mobile? Isn’t that treason? ;) Well, no—there is at least one Mac user who does, especially given that there is, sadly, no OS X mobile. (How I wish.)

So, if you’re one of those folks, and you’re interested in syncing your feeds with your phone, and you’d like to help test, please do get in on the beta.

P.S. A J2ME reader is in the works too, for folks who use Blackberry, Palm OS Treo, and similar.

08 Jun 2006


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