Big Cat Scripts Plugin now Universal

Big Cat IconBig Cat Scripts Plugin 1.0.1 has been released! (Yes, hot on the heels of the 1.0 release, which was a mere three years ago!)

It’s definitely a niche taste, this plugin, but we get requests for a universal binary version, and so here it is. Otherwise it’s unchanged—it works the same as 1.0, it’s just that now it runs on Intel Macs too.

In case you don’t know about Big Cat... it’s a contextual menu plugin that allows you to write your own scripts that appear when you ctrl-click (or right-click) in apps that support system contextual menus. This may be Carbon apps only—but that does include apps such as the Finder and BBEdit.

You can write AppleScript script and shell (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.) scripts.

Big Cat is unsupported freeware.

(Note: the cat names—TigerLaunch and Big Cat—were invented before Apple started using cat names as public code names for the operating system. It’s pure coincidence that I’ve always called my development machine “Tiger” and tended to name apps after it. Yes, I like cats.)

29 Jun 2006


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