Huevos now Universal

Huevos Icon Huevos 1.1.1 released!

It’s now a universal binary—and it’s one of those apps that really only took clicking a checkbox to make it universal. Piece of cake.

Huevos was my first Cocoa app. I was learning Cocoa by reading the first edition of Aaron Hillegass’s excellent Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. I couldn’t wait—I started writing Huevos before I even finished the book! (This was way back in early 2002.)

Which is also a way of saying that the code in Huevos looks like beginner’s code. But that’s okay—because it also works. I’ve hardly ever had bug reports for Huevos. (I mention the code because it’s open source and you can actually download the code.)

For this release I didn’t touch the code, just rebuilt it as a universal binary.

(In case you’ve never seen Huevos: it’s a search-engine launcher that’s designed to be entirely keyboard-driven. You may be familiar with waffle software’s very cool Nuevos, which is based on Huevos.)

29 Jun 2006


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