TigerLaunch 1.0.3: now universal binary

TigerLaunch Icon

TigerLaunch 1.0.3 has been released!

We get a surprising amount of people asking for a universal binary version—and now it’s here. This version also fixes a couple small bugs—see the change notes.

If you haven’t used TigerLaunch before, here’s the scoop: it’s a very simple application launcher that lives in your menu. The idea is to de-clutter your Dock by putting your second-tier apps in the TigerLaunch menu.

There’s also a cool feature for developers that I use as an anti-procrastination device: if you have a ~/Projects folder, then TigerLaunch will find all .xcodeproj files and create a Projects menu in your menubar. This way you can quickly open any Xcode project in that folder. (This is how I get started every single day: go up to the Projects menu and choose the app or framework I want to work on. It makes it so easy I can’t really avoid getting started.)

TigerLaunch is freeware—unsupported but open source (BSD license).

29 Jun 2006


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