Aug 2006

FlickrExport 2.0.1

Connected Flow: FlickrExport 2.0.1 is “compatible with Flickr’s new API requirements for login and upload checking” and fixes a few other bugs.

P.S. I bought a copy of FlickrExport on the weekend. Love it.

My Dream App

Phillip Ryu: “You’re about to be involved in a revolution in the software industry: a no holds barred, totally transparent and ridiculously low barrier version of Macintosh shareware development. Ever wished you had the programming chops to create a killer app? For the first time, you’re going to have a chance to make those dream apps come true.”

3 more text hack projects on “13 months ago, I ‘launched’ the leverage project on sourceforge, supposed to be a place to house all the various OS X / Cocoa text manipulation hacks I’ve done, including my I-Search for NSTextView InputManager hack... today I added three more projects to the SVN repository with varying appeal and usability.”

MailTags 2.0 Public Beta

Hawk Wings: “The public beta of MailTags 2.0 has been released, bringing with it full IMAP tag support, tagging of outgoing messages, tag sharing, a revamped, more flexible MailTags pane, the display of keywords, projects and other MailTags info in the ListView and more.”

Opal pre-release now feature complete

I got email from David Dunham that the Opal pre-release is now feature-complete: “It has essentially the same easy-to-use feature set as Acta, but adds multiple selection, a search field, on-screen magnification, the ability to focus on a subset of the outline, and Spotlight support.”

David’s a fellow Seattle-ite, by the way.

The Name Game

Rogue Amoeba: “Welcome to another Adventure In Pointless Data! We’ve previously looked at Google Trends, Alexa rankings, and weekend sales. Today’s pointless data set is names, specifically (namely?) the names of our customers, as gleaned from our orders. ”

VoodooPad 3.0.2

Gus Mueller’s Website: “VoodooPad 3.0.2 is out in all three tasty flavors.”

I’ve been using VoodooPad Pro since one of the 3.0 betas—still busy putting my brain in it. I’m eager to check out the experimental new tabs look.

FlexTime 1.0

Red Sweater Blog: “I put FlexTime in the ‘cold-storage locker’ one week ago yesterday and it’s been resting up for its official 1.0 debut. FlexTime 1.0 is available starting today for $18.95.”

One of these days Daniel and I will have to fight (cage match?) over the prefix RS for our Cocoa code. ;) (Sure, I still use RS, since I always have—don’t even make me point out that Apple still uses NS instead of AC. [Actually, for app-specific classes I often use the app’s initials, NNW or ME.] But, enough of that—check out FlexTime.)

Death to Caps Lock

Wired News: “The antagonism toward the Caps Lock key extends beyond its misuse by 13-year-old trolls and naive users.”

I’m totally on board. The Caps Lock key is like a third sleeve on a shirt—and that sleeve is lined with razor blades. Don’t accidentally put your arm in there, just let that sleeve dangle, uselessly.

Say Hello To Porchlight

carpeaqua: “Porchlight is the bug tracker I have always wanted: lightweight, nonintrusive and attractive.”

WWDC 2006 Decompression

RogueSheep: “After this year, I’m willing to throw down a Wil Shipley-sized bet on Seattle having more indy Mac developers than any other city worldwide.”

Buzz’s Mac Webloggers Party

NetNewsWire 3.0d7 super early sneak peak

See for a super-early sneak peek release of NetNewsWire 3.0. It’s not even a beta yet—it’s definitely a work in progress, with a bunch of features and bug fixes still to come. But it has a rewritten Combined View that is very much an improvement over the old one. (NetNewsWire 3.0 will be a free upgrade.)


The Price Is Wrong

Red Sweater Blog: “Pricing software is one of the toughest jobs facing independent developers. We’re stuck in this awkward position where we don’t necessarily have the name recognition to demand the highest prices, but we also can’t afford to ‘give away’ the hard-earned fruits of our labor.”

WWDC UI wild guesses

Me, writing on about WWDC: “The main thing I pay attention to is the user interface changes. I have some wild guesses as to what we’ll see.”

Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!, Caring For: Microsoft vs Apple

Rosyna: “The far majority of them are very nice, helpful, and all-around good people. Although there are a few that constantly curse. Almost as if every other word is a curse word. It’s not directed at anyone so there’s no need to be personally offended. It’s just that they’ve likely been dealing with C++ for so long that they don’t even realize they are cursing at all.” (Via Rhonabwy.)


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