Nov 2006


Daring Fireball: “Here’s the Gruber Theory of Software Pricing, in a nutshell...”


rubyforge: “RubyOSA is a bridge that connects Ruby to the Apple Event Manager infrastructure. In other words, it allows you to do in Ruby whatever you could do in AppleScript.”

How to Write a Cocoa Web Server

Jürgen Schweizer, “A couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to write a Mac-based HTTP server for an intranet web service he was building. I hadn’t forgotten how Mac OS X was praised because of its Unix underpinnings, and the strong networking capabilities that come along with that. As a Cocoa developer, I was confident that I could find a nice Cocoa API that would do the hard work for me, so I accepted...”

iTunes’ ‘hidden’ features

Macworld: “Many users are surprised to learn that you can address many of iTunes’ power-user shortcomings, especially those relating to media and metadata management, via AppleScript. But you don’t need to know the ways of AppleScript to take advantage of this functionality; that’s where Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes comes in.”

Completion Dictionary 4.0

Objective Development: “Completion Dictionary is a free Xcode plugin that enhances Xcode’s built in code completion mechanism. You simply type a few letters, either the abbreviation of a macro or the initials of a symbol name, and press the completion shortcut.”

Liquifile 1.0 “Did you ever wonder why searching and browsing is so separated in today’s interfaces? Ever wished you had a bigger screen when finding or organizing your files? Ever lost files in deep hierarchical structures? Ever wondered what the next big thing in file browsing might be...?” (Via Cris Pearson.)

Review of OpenGL at the Big Nerd Ranch

Mark Dalrymple: “So when I heard the Ranch was putting on an OpenGL course, I was really excited. Here’s my chance to really put a new notch on my API belt.”

Monocle public beta

waffle software: “Lets you search the web using different search engines from one small window.”

Build a Blogroll with NetNewsWire and AppleScript

mere cat: “I’ve been using this thing for a while to build my blogroll and thought I’d share. An AppleScript reads your feeds in NNW and creates an unordered list for each group of feeds (if any), nesting them as required.”

Yojimbo 1.3 adds tagging

MacMinute: “Bare Bones Software today released Yojimbo 1.3, the latest version of its easy-to-use information organizer, now with tagging for powerful grouping and retrieval of items stored in Yojimbo.”

Universal AddressService

Michael McCracken: “I’ve updated AddressService to a Universal Binary, and relicensed it under the LGPL. AddressService is an OS X system service that lets you select a part of a person’s first or last name and replace it with their addresses or phone numbers. It’s handy for quick entry into an email or chat session.”

Long moves on?

Infinite Loop: “‘Mac Guy’ no longer in ‘Get A Mac’ ads.”

Cocoa Jobs Board

Steven Frank: “Your posts are seen by a daily audience of nearly 2,000 of the most passionate, savvy Mac OS X developers, with a broad range of skill sets, including Cocoa, Carbon, and Java, on one of the most prominent Mac OS X development sites on the web.”

7 Questions: Daring Fireball’s John Gruber

Brian Ford asks John Gruber seven questions.

iLocalize 3.3

Arizona Software has released iLocalize 3.3—which I’m going to have to try to see if it helps the problem of managing multiple localizations.

The Delicious Generation

Rogue Amoeba: “I dubbed this new school ‘The Delicious Generation.’ Many of the design and marketing ideas of this new school seem to be derived from the successes of Delicious Library, and I’m sure many members of this generation would readily and happily list it as an influence.”

Stylish Windows

Bithaus: “Matt Gemmell released TunesWindow a while back and it provided a great solution to making something a bit more unique. I just thought it could be even more flexible so I built StyledWindow based on it. (thanks Matt!)”

Flex Your HIG

Red Sweater: “Some readers pointed out that in announcing FlexTime 1.1, along with its snazzy new interface, I left out some of the most interesting details to programmers. How did I accomplish all of the little things that add up to the new UI?”

Cocoa Graphics with Quartz

Cocoa Dev Central: “This beginner-level tutorial introduces basic Cocoa graphics concepts: rectangles, points, colors, and coordinate systems.” (Via Gus.)

NetworkLocation 1.0 “With a single mouse click, you can set some of the most frequently changed settings you already manually set when you move your computer.”


Gus Mueller: LuaCore is “an easy to use framework that you can just drag and drop into your Cocoa project” that you can use to embed Lua in your app.

Outliners: Writing Environments, Plus Two New Outliners

ATPM 12.11 looks at writing environments and a couple new apps: EagleFiler and Opal.


Ambrosia Software, Inc.: “Just drag and drop files or folders on Dragster’s icon in the Dock, and away they go!” Looks pretty cool.

FlexTime 1.1 gets new interface

Red Sweater Blog: “This release has a markedly different (improved, I’d say) interface, that was inspired in large part by the HIG speech that John Gruber delivered at C4.”

Apple releases Xcode 2.4.1

MacMinute : “Changes in the release include: stability and security fixes in the Xcode IDE, cctools, debugger, and compiler; CHUD has been updated to version 4.4.3 (CHUD also releases independent from the Xcode Tools releases); and the 10.3.9 and 10.4u SDKs have been updated.”


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