NetNewsWire 3.0d46: sneak-peek release

NetNewsWire iconWe just posted a sneak-peek release of NetNewsWire 3 today. It’s not even a beta yet, and it has bugs, unfinished features, unstarted features, and it still needs more polish and testing. All that said, you can download it from the beta page. ;)

The change notes page lists what’s new since 2.1.1. Highlights include Spotlight searching, new Combined View, feed ‘cover art’, full screen mode, Growl notifications, tabs with thumbnails and animations, the ability to choose a folder when subscribing, hiding/showing the subscriptions list, and lots more.

I’ll be writing more about it on Here’s the initial post and here’s a post on a hidden pref for a monochrome toolbar.

16 Feb 2007


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