Mar 2007

NewsHawker 1.0

MacMegasite: “NewsHawker reads you your news so you can focus on other tasks. NewsHawker extends the functionality of NetNewsWire to speak the news items in NetNewsWire.”

Creating New Text Files From the Finder's Contextual Menu

Daring Fireball: “So I saw this post on TUAW about NuFile, a contextual menu plugin that gives you a shortcut to create new files in the Finder using the contextual menu. I thought that sounded pretty cool, but I’d only ever use it for creating text files. So I wrote an AppleScript for Brent Simmons’s freeware Big Cat Scripts Plugin that does just that.”

Descriptive Auto-Discovery Titles

Nick Bradbury: “RSS auto-discovery links provide a simple way to let feed applications know when your site offers an RSS feed. Although these links weren’t widely used a couple of years ago, today they’re pretty much common practice. However, what isn’t common practice yet is the use of descriptive titles in auto-discovery links.”

2007 Daring Fireball Membership Drive

Daring Fireball: “I say, thank you. Thank you for reading Daring Fireball, and, to those of you who have become members and purchased t-shirts, thank you for making this possible.”

MacTech 25: Cast Your Vote in People’s Choice

MacTech: “The MacTech 25 is designed to recognize the technical contributions of developers, writers, bloggers, problem-solvers and personalities to the Macintosh technical community.”

Twitterific 2.0 Public Beta

MacMegasite: “The IconFactory has released a new public beta of Twitterrific, their popular Twitter client.”

Friday Help

CARS: “I recently bought an Apple -X and I’m having trouble getting it to read my paper tape. I can get the program punched onto the tape OK, but when I feed all 165 feet back in to get it to print out an ASCII picture of kitty, the tape gets mangled.”

Deal With It

Daring Fireball: “Çelik’s technique is to count the actions, or, if you will, the verbs. But I suspect it’s the nouns that add the most to the cognitive load. For example, hitting the Tab key to switch to a new field doesn’t add to the load. It’s the field itself that counts.”

Indie Tip #5: Think Small (But Act Big)

Nick Bradbury: “But just because I chose to think small didn’t mean I had to act small. Surviving as an independent developer requires you to act big.”

NetNewsWire Style: ReadLight

cleverdevil: “For a while now I have been itching to create a custom stylesheet for NetNewsWire, and I finally found the time to do it. So, I am proud to introduce ReadLight—a NetNewsWire style that attempts to feel like reading from a gorgeous hardcover book.”

Black Ink 1.0

Red Sweater Blog: “Black Ink is the successor to the most popular crossword solving application on Mac OS X: MacXword, formerly available from Advenio, LLC.”

Script for making JavaScript Bookmarklets

Daring Fireball posts a script for creating bookmarklets from JavaScript.

Apple TV Saves Little Girl’s Life

CARS: “Apple’s digital media hub cemented its own legendary status by pulling a 3-year-old Oklahoma girl from a well over the weekend.”

NewsGator Online Beta: it’s Ajax-y ;)

Greg Reinacker: “Whew! It’s been a long time in coming... but the new beta for NewsGator Online is now online and ready to try.” (Here’s some great feedback from Techsplosive: NewsGator Just Caught Up.)

Hivelogic Radio - Brent Simmons

Dan Benjamin, Hivelogic: “I interview Brent Simmons...”

Indie Tip #1: Build something you need

Nick Bradbury: “Have you ever tried an application that looked great at first, but once you started using it, it just didn’t feel right? The UI was slick and the feature list looked perfect, but the workflow just wasn’t there.” (omg beaten to the link by Gus. Clearly losing my touch. ;)

NetNewsWire 3.0d62: sneak-peek release

NetNewsWire iconWe just posted a new sneak-peek release of NetNewsWire 3. It’s still not even a beta—it’s still dangerous. You can download it from the beta page. (But really, it is dangerous, and if you’re uncomfortable with unfinished software, please wait for now.)

The change notes page lists what’s new since 3.0d46 (released a month ago). Highlights include automatic updates via Sparkle, choice between vertical and horizontal tabs, tabs export command, hide/show tabs, easy crash reporting, restored enclosures and dinosaurs features, memory use and performance enhancements, cache cleanups, removal of the Bonjour feature, bug fixes, and more.

Joe on the zombie horse

WebServices Core: “Better to write an article on making REST calls and integrating with other API sets rather than attempting to prop up that zombie horse called Web Services Core Framework.”

MarsEdit 1.1.4

Red Sweater: MarsEdit 1.1.4 includes “a number of minor fixes, and adds support for ‘New Blogger’ weblogs which use Gmail authentication.”

What everybody is doing right now

Ross Mayfield, Many-to-Many: “On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna.”

Using mutt on OS X “I just like ‘power-user’ features, same as any other good geek. Needs to be fast, stable, and reliable. Too many email clients, while nice looking, fall flat here. So it was back to good-old mutt.”

MarsEdit For Your Custom Blog

Red Sweater: “So how do you get MarsEdit working with your custom server software? You adopt a standard API and implement it for your site, in the form of a ‘xmlrpc.php’ type file that accepts POST requests from MarsEdit and returns the appropriate responses. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, because there are really only a few calls involved.”

How To Shrink Your Source Code

Rogue Amoeba: “Today I’m going to show you how to shrink your C source code like a real professional. Pay careful attention, and you can put these skills in to use at your next job.”

Shell Scripting Primer

Apple Developer Connection: “This document is not intended to be a complete reference for shell scripting, as such a subject could fill entire libraries. However, it is intended to provide enough information to get you started writing and comprehending shell scripts. Along the way, it provides links to documentation for various additional tools that you may find useful when writing shell scripts.”

Artist in His Studio

Josh Clark: “Exuberance and despair? Jeebus, it’s just software. But I think it’s the nature of creative pursuits that the author experiences the work as soap opera, every day with its allotment of mean drama and glowing victory.”

NetNewsWire 3 beta screencast

David Chartier, The Unofficial Apple Weblog: “The TUAW Podcast is upon us, and for #21 I decided on a screencast of that NetNewsWire 3 beta sneak peek released a couple weeks ago.”


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