May 2007

Jobs Interview Transcript

CARS: “You can’t deny there’s a pattern of zombie-like behavior in those you’re using to further your evil, albeit user-friendly, highly well-designed and shiny, schemes.”


Programming the LOL way: “CAN HAS STDIO?”

VoodooPad’s File Format

Gus Mueller: “At this point, I just want to make everyone (who didn’t already know) aware of a couple of features of VoodooPad that sometimes go unnoticed.”

(By the way—I’m a VoodooPad Pro user, and I use the “create plain text pages” option.)

One year as an indie Mac developer

Code by Kevin: “ software business qualifies as a success, albeit a modest one. In that light, I’d like to share a few insights that have helped the growth of my business.”

NetNewsWire 3.0a8: sneak-peek release

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.0a8 has bugs and unfinished features, but it’s getting closer to shipping. If you’re comfortable running pre-release software, you can download it.

The change notes page lists what’s new since 3.0d62, the previous sneak-peek release.

Highlights include clippings, going back/forward through news items, hiding read items, a send-to-Twitterrific command, attention report, smaller/bigger text commands, support for microformats (contacts and events), and plenty more (including performance enhancements and lots of bug fixes).

(The change notes page is, as usual, rather long. Some people write novels, others write change notes. ;)

Cork’d Acquir’d

Dan Benjamin, Hivelogic: “It’s been over a year since Dan Cederholm and I launched Cork’d, and we have some great news to share: Cork’d has been acquired.”

Congrats to Messrs. Cederholm and Benjamin!

Hints of change

Chris Breen, Macworld: “The first whiff came when Microsoft’s ‘No fooling, this thing really is an iPod killer’ Zune laid a big stinker during the 2006 holiday season.”

L337 Katz0rz

A Special In-Depth Analysis by David McRaney: “Strangely enough, though American culture is far less literate than in previous decades, we read all day long and communicate through written language possibly more than ever so in history. Words are the currency of text messaging, emails, blogs and websites.”

Using Python and AppleScript Together

Noah Gift, “Applescript and Python are quite different, but can be used together to make very efficient tools without compromising the modularity of Python.”

Perl, Cocoa, OS X goodness

Jeremiah Foster, O’Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog: “Camel Bones is an Objective-C to Perl bridge which means you can use the underlying OS X system from perl to develop applications.”

DTrace for Ruby

Joyeur: “In previous posts we’ve mentioned we’re working on a full Ruby DTrace provider set for Ruby 1.8.5. We’ve finished a solid base set of probes and it is ready for general consumption.” (Via Daniel Berlinger.)

Twitter Tools 1.0 released

Alex King: “I’ve released version 1.0 of Twitter Tools, my WordPress plugin that does a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.”

Uncle Jens’s Coding Tips

Thought Palace: “It’s been said many times that ‘the main person you’re writing comments for is yourself, six months in the future.’ It’s always a good idea to keep that shadowy figure in mind while you code. Here are some other techniques I’ve found invaluable...”

How to Report Bugs to Apple

Theocacao: “The Apple Bug Reporter is your single greatest tool in influencing the development of the platform. You don’t need to be an actual programmer to use it, and it’s much more than just a ‘bug reporter.’ It’s a way to provide any kind of structured feedback on Apple software, hardware, documentation, services, or practically anything.”

Scripting with RubyOSA

MacZealots: “RubyOSA is a bridge from the Ruby language to the Apple Event Manager. The Apple Event Manger allows applications to send and receive messages, or Apple events as they are called, to and from applications that support scripting.”

In other words, you can use Ruby instead of AppleScript. Cool.

Side note: I haven’t looked to see if it’s an actual OSA component or not. It probably doesn’t have to be—because who cares if it compiles and runs in Script Editor or not. But, for anyone interested in OSA components, years ago I posted OSAShell, a basic OSA component demo.


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