Jun 2007


ongoing: “This is a stripped-down implementation of the server side of the Atom Publishing Protocol as an Apache module, implemented in C.”

Managing Humans - An Introduction

Managing Humans is a new book by Michael Lopp of Rands in Repose fame. “This book isn’t just about management, it’s about creating places where people can comfortably build stuff. It’s about what to do during the first ninety days of your new gig, and explains why you should pick a fight, because bright people often yell at each other.”

Subscribe Less To Read More

Red Sweater Blog: “I unsubscribed from 20 feeds today and added Rands.”

iPhone Central

iPhone Central is a new site from the Macworld folks. It has a feed, of course.

Apple Strategy Announcement

CARS: “After weeks of outcry from customers and the press about the company’s apparent lack of action concerning a growing Internet phenomenon, Apple has finally announced its strategy for lolcats.”

The Apple Press interview about the iPhone

The Apple Press: “As WWDC comes to a close we went ahead and asked Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire, about his opinions in regards to the iPhone and his reaction to Steve Jobs’ controversial 3rd party application announcement.”

Of course, I want badly to develop for the iPhone, but I understand that things happen in steps, and Apple doesn’t necessarily know this will all end up. So I’m cool with it.


plasq.com: “Your friends are global... you can send them links... but what if the action is on your screen?”

WWDC keynote bingo

John Siracusa: “It’s that time again.”

Brushed Metal at WWDC

Daring Fireball: “A cab pulls in front a building. Brushed Metal exits the cab, stands tall, and walks to the door. He waves a badge at the door’s identification sensor. A red light flashes.”

Twitterrific 2.1

Iconfactory’s Twitterrific 2.1 is out. If you have Twitterrific 2.1 installed and NetNewsWire 3.x, then, when you’re reading something cool and you want to tweet it, you can hit ctrl-1 or choose Send to Twitterrific from the News menu.

Then Twitterrific puts some text like “Reading [some page title] at [some page URL]” in the text area, which you can edit (if you want) before posting.

It’s a lot like how the send-to-weblog feature works. (In fact, under the hood, it uses the exact same Apple events interface.)

Launching AppleScripts with Keyboard Shortcuts

Jochen Walters, MacDevCenter.com: “AppleScript automation is one of OS X’s most useful features. It lets you automate common, repetitive tasks so you can spend your time on more important things. Some AppleScripts would be even more useful, and their usage more seamless, if you could launch them by just hitting a key combination. And you can.”

"Going Indie" CocoaHeads at WWDC

Theocacao: “I’m pleased to announce the ‘Going Indie’ CocoaHeads on Wednesday, June 13 at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco from 7pm to 9pm. This meeting will focus on how aspiring independent Mac developers can convert their passion into a real, functioning business.”

NetNewsWire 3.0.1b7

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.0.1b7 addresses the top-priority bugs from the 3.0 release.

- Smart lists and searching no longer use Spotlight, which wasn’t working for some people. (However, you can still search news items via the system’s Spotlight search.)

- The Combined View is now based on the version that was in 2.x, since that version doesn’t rely on JavaScript and thus doesn’t crash. There is more to do with the Combined View: pagination (for performance) and UI (to make titles easier to read and make it look cooler).

We’re working on other bugs, too—but these are the highest-priority items.

Buzz Andersen's 4th Annual WWDC Party

Buzz: “Come celebrate the start of the Apple Worldwide Developer’s conference, meet the people who make your favorite Mac software, listen to some great music, and enjoy some of the Mission District’s finest tacos, straight off the truck!”

I’m pleased to be able to say that the tacos are on NewsGator. ;)

WWDC Afterhours Event Calendar

Colin Barrett has made an iCal “ics file for all the ‘unofficial’ events happening after hours at WWDC this year (that I know about).” Cool. I’ve subscribed. Colin’s da man.

NetNewsWire 3.0

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.0 has been released. New features include Spotlight searching; integration with iCal, Address Book, Twitterrific, and other apps; Growl notifications; clippings (synced or not-synced); tabs-with-thumbnails; microformat detection; automatic update checking; and plenty more.

And, inevitably, we’re already at work on 3.0.1, and will post a beta probably later today. ;)

MarsEdit 1.2

Red Sweater Software released an update to MarsEdit today. Highlights include support for Growl, Picasa, and Vox.

VoodooPad 3.2

VoodooPad 3.2 is released: “You can read about what’s new on the wiki. My personal favorite is the ability to create a link to any page from any app that’ll take custom links.”

WebKit Party

We’re gonna party like it’s our birthday (because it is!): “Close your MacBooks and shine up your dancing shoes, it’s time to PARTY!” WWDC, Thirsty Bear, June 11.


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