Jul 2007

Quick FogBugz review

Gus Mueller: “I just passed my 1000th bug filed in FogBugz, and I thought I would share with everyone how I’m getting along with it (that’s about 130 days, at 7.7 bugs filed on average a day).”

Free NewsGator Mobile for iPhone

NewsGator Daily: “This morning we announced the release of NewsGator Mobile for iPhone, a free newsreader that takes advantage of the unique design and user interface of Apple’s wildly popular new device. The free service, which works with iPhones and other mobile devices is accessible at http://m.newsgator.com.”

A Subversion User Looks at Git

Fraser Speirs: “From an architectural perspective, Git is gloriously simple. There are four essential objects: blobs, trees, commits and tags.”

Buzz’s iPhone Review

Three Weeks with the iPhone: “If any app on the iPhone could be considered ‘killer,’ in the sense that its very existence justifies the device’s purchase, it’s the Maps app. I’ve spent the last week wandering around a strange and daunting city (New York), and the iPhone’s maps app has helped me enormously (I’ve even been able to give directions to tourists on the street without actually knowing where I’m going myself).”

Python Plugin for VoodooPad Updated

Flying Meat: “What this does is allow you to make short one-file plugins for VoodooPad written in Python.”

mogenerator v1.5

Wolf: “mogenerator is my little command-line tool that reads in .xcdatamodel Core Data model files and spits out Objective C code following the Generation Gap codegen pattern.”

Rands on Twitter

Rands In Repose: Yard Sale: “I’ve identified two specific and unique uses for Twitter, and this why an application like Twitterific has now become a part of a very short list of must-have applications that I fire up whenever I sit down at a computer.”

PodWorks 2.9 released

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: “PodWorks is a Mac OS X (Cocoa) application that compensates for the iPod’s only downside: Apple only allows you to copy songs to your iPod.” Walt Mossberg says, “For Mac users, I recommend PodWorks...”

Culture of Complexity

Nick Bradbury: “I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to assault the gadgets I use because they’re such a hassle to manage—and I’m a techie, so I’m supposed to know how to deal with them all. God help the rest of the population!”

Resolution-independent Nov. 29

waffle: “Here’s an idea for everyone putting out Cocoa software (and that includes me): Release versions of your apps that are resolution-independent by November 29th.”

Seattle Xcoders: special time and location

Tonight’s Seattle Xcoders meeting is at a different-than-usual time and location: it’s at 7:30 p.m. at the Old Town Alehouse in Ballard. It’s a social meeting, no particular topic. But I bet there will be a bunch of iPhones in attendance.

If you don’t normally come to these—well, come tonight. We’re Mac developers, we don’t bite. ;)

Dori’s notes from iPhone DevCamp

Dori Smith, Macworld: “At iPhone DevCamp, held in San Francisco this past weekend, iPhone owners (and interested non-owners) got together to share their knowledge, brainstorm about future ideas, eat a lot of pizza, and agree that while the iPhone that Apple shipped was an amazing device, the combined brainpower of the attendees could bring it to a whole new level.”

On iPhone and no fixed positioning

furbo.org: “Both of these key interface elements, navigation and tools, are in fixed locations on the iPhone screen. If you’re trying to develop a ‘sweet’ web application for this device, you’ll quickly find that you can’t follow these standard conventions. That’s because there is no fixed positioning in Safari for the iPhone.”

The big iPhone review

Ars Technica: iPhone in depth: “The iPhone is now out and promises to revolutionize the way we use our phones forever. You don’t have to love it; you don’t even have to like it. You will, however, be witness to a great upheaval in the mobile communications business because of it.”

iPhone's AJAX SDK: No, thank you.

Wil Shipley: “What I’m not willing to do is starting programming in AJAX, as Steve so gleefully announced we should do at the (non-nondisclosured) WWDC keynote this year.”

I’ve said before that if Wil didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him. Partly for posts like this one, which say what a bunch of people are thinking—only way funnier.

How to make iPhone buttons

LaunchPad Blog: Replicating iPhone Buttons the ‘-webkit’ way: “Well, I started digging around Safari’s ‘-webkit’ innards, and was able to to use the -webkit-border-image to accomplish exactly what I wanted.”

iTunes 7.3 UI changes

ThinkMac Blog: “iTunes 7.3 has a number of subtle user interface enhancements that aid usability and in some cases improve the cosmetics.”

iPhone Native Looking Skin

Ajaxian: “You can simply use his native looking navigation skin to make your applications look and feel like a native iPhone application.”

telekinesis: iPhone Remote

telekinesis: “Remotely access your Mac through a collection of mini web apps on your phone.” From the Quicksilver creator.

Gems for iPhone

~stevenf: “Here's a little Independence Day project I've been working on: Gems for iPhone!” I already played it—it’s fun. ;)

Apple, On Custom JavaScript Events

Seth Dillingham: “This morning when I checked my Gmail account, I read a message (from someone named ‘Filippelli Christophe’) that said Apple seemed to be using my Custom JavaScript Events code on the iPhone page.”

HIG still matters, says chockenberry

furbo.org: “The floor displayed on the Dock does not use the perspective of the desk in front of you, nor does it appear as a shelf. Because there’s a difference between the floor angles and the traditional desktop icon angles, many icons look wrong.”

Web Development for iPhone

Apple Developer Connection has posted guidelines etc. for developing web apps for the iPhone.

Free FlyGesture

Gus Mueller: “FlyGesture is now free!”


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