Aug 2007

Safari/NetNewsWire workflow

Richard Keen: “The script takes the front-most Safari URL (the current tab or window), adds this to NetNewsWire (it will be started in the background if not running) and confirms this via a Growl notification if you have Growl installed.”

Full feeds: helping us help you

Ted Leung: “[If you don’t use full feeds] there’s less chance that I will hit command-control-’ to pop your post’s permalink into Pukka where I can quickly tag it and stick it into, where it can be immortalized as important, seen by my network, and pumped into my blog and tumblog. In other words, you make it hard for people like me to help you.”

How to remember Xcoders meetings

I heard last night that some folks have trouble remembering what days the Seattle Xcoders meetings are held. The easy way is to subscribe to the calendar in iCal. Go to the website, then click on the iCal button near the upper-right. Easy.

MarsEdit 2 teaser

Red Sweater: “In addition to some killer new features such as Flickr browsing, ability to add categories and edit slugs, advanced text editor macros, etc., MarsEdit 2.0 also sports a modernized look and feel that I honestly believe will improve your productivity. It’s just super slick.”

Interview with Brent

Shawn Blanc interviewed me. We talk about what I’ve learned in developing NetNewsWire, why I work at home, what I think of Denver, how I delete lots of code, what’s coming up for NetNewsWire, and more. (Plus a bonus picture of part of my office.)

The Value of You

Fraser Speirs: “My ticket would have cost £2000-2500 instead of the £560 I paid. My lunch partner was having none of this. His response, which I’ll never forget, was along the lines of: ‘Well, how valuable is a meeting with the best minds at your most important business partner?’”


Craig Hockenberry: “It’s pretty clear that the development of a native Twitter client should be done ‘in the open.’ There’s a lot of reverse engineering involved while developing native iPhone applications, so getting more brains involved will result in much quicker development”

On becoming a programmer

Mike Lee: “I often say that anyone can learn to program, but you have to be born a programmer.”

There are, roughly, two types of programmers. One type was in the computer club at high school and got a computer science degree (or two or three). The other type, well, didn’t—they were English majors, college dropouts, busboys, artists, odd-job-doers. (Cue Captain Renault: “That makes Rick a citizen of the world.”)

My advice to young people is to get a computer science degree, if for no other reason than you can avoid those odd jobs and get right to the programming. And it also gives you an early chance to find out if you were, in fact, born a programmer.

But one of the things I love about developing software is that nobody asks for your education background before trying your software. If they like it, cool, and if not, not.

Broken Windows

Old-but-good fireball from 2004: “The Mac is like a good neighborhood, where the streets are clean and the crime rate low.” Fits in with Rich Siegel’s and Daniel Jalkut’s posts linked-to earlier.

jDefault - Image resizing for your NetNewsWire style

Oliver Boermans: “Some of you love the image resizing feature of my NetNewsWire style Ollicle Reflex, but would rather see it in a different style, perhaps one with your own particular CSS tweaks? If this sounds like familiar I’ve made a new NetNewsWire style package especially for you.”

2007 PMC Software Auctions

Seth Dillingham: “I’m auctioning large bundles of Mac software to benefit the Pan-Mass Challenge... Every dollar raised through these auctions will be donated to the Pan-Mass Challenge, which directly supports the Jimmy Fund, for the research and treatment of cancer at Dana-Farber.”

We’re In This Together

Daniel Jalkut: “With rare exception, it’s the environment that brings the customers, not the individual retailers themselves. This is why Banana Republic would rather be situated next to Abercrombie & Fitch than next to Ross.”

Tumbleweeds and Used Car Lots

Rich Siegel: “At the same time, large numbers of new customers are coming to the Mac, either as initial computer purchasers or as switchers from Windows or Linux. The visible result of these changes is a software market which is noticeably more vibrant than it was ten, or even five years ago.”

Mail Headline script for NetNewsWire “Mail Headline is a plain-text replacement for the Mail Contents of this News Item command that’s capable of supporting multiple email clients. The contents of the news item are processed with Aaron Swartz’ html2text and converted to Markdown-formatted text. The currently supported email clients include Mailsmith, Entourage, and Mail (if you prefer plain text over rich text for emails).”


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