Sep 2007

Radioshift Genesis

Rogue Amoeba: “But a guide for internet and AM/FM radio? It’s huge, there are thousands of stations, they’re always changing—it’s way more complicated than TV. No one could ever organize it all, could they?”

Cocoa Sample Code: SimplePicture

Theocacao: “In the ongoing quest to remember that not everyone is a Cocoa expert, I put together a small image viewing app which shows you a number of basic Cocoa techiques. Everyone, meet SimplePicture.”

BusySync for iCal public beta

BusyMac: “BusySync lets you share iCal calendars with family and coworkers on a local area network without a dedicated server and with full read/write access.”

We saw a demo of this at last night’s Xcoders meeting. It’s pretty slick—you set up calendars to share, set read/write access with optional passwords, and then other people on your local area network see your calendars in iCal.

Also see Introducing BusySync for iCal, on the company weblog.

Acorn scripting using Python

Enigmeta: “Acorn’s scripting support was meant to make new filters and such, but since it includes the PyObjC classes, you can basically do everything you can in Cocoa through Python.”

Radioshift: Radio on your schedule

Rogue Amoeba: “With Radioshift, you control Internet and AM/FM radio from around the world. Listen and record—Radioshift is radio on your schedule!” Looks very cool. Congrats to our friends at Rogue Amoeba!

On iPhone and ringtones

The Shape of Days: “Apple has a powerful incentive to keep the image of the iPhone as classy and sexy as possible. Having it announce its presence with the chorus of ‘My Humps’ is not a good thing.”

MarsEdit 2.0 released

Red Sweater Blog: “The reaction to the public release was almost immediate, so I couldn’t go to sleep quite as instantly as planned. When I finally did grab some shuteye, I woke up to a world on fire with MarsEdit joy!”

Congratulations to Daniel! I’ve been using MarsEdit 2.0 throughout the beta period, and I totally dig 2.0. Very cool app. ;)


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