Nov 2007

Iron Coder 7: The Result Show

ars technica: “Another Iron Coder has come and gone, voting is over, results are in, and we have some interesting applications to try. The contest, which this time around had a theme of retro and an API of Core Animation, brought in thirteen entrants, all of which had eight days to work on their entries.”

The Mac Developer Network

MDN Home: “The Mac Developer Network (MDN) is hoping to become your first port of call for all things to do with Mac Development. Currently we have 2 podcast in operation with two more due to come on-line in the next few weeks along with a new series of Screencasts and a range of written articles covering all aspects of Mac Development.”

Sandvox updated for Leopard

Macworld: “Karelia Software has updated its Web site creation tool, Sandvox, adding several fixes for Leopard, as well as other improvements.”

OmniFocus GTD app goes into public beta

Hawk Wings: “The OmniGroup has announced the public beta of OmniFocus, its much talked-about ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD) app. In short, it looks good.”

FileMaker Bento

Red Sweater Blog: “Today FileMaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, best known for its professional database products, entered the indie software market.”

The first thing I thought of when I saw the name Bento was OpenDoc. (But this has nothing to do with OpenDoc.)

Clean Up Messy Folders with Hazel

TidBITS Problem Solving: “For anyone who finds themselves needing to manage a regular influx of files—whether that management involves deleting, renaming, importing into iPhoto, or whatnot—Hazel is the easiest method I know about.”

Mike Lee profile

SAKUZAKU: “Software engineering is, for Mike Lee, an extension of self. He has a drive to create and a passion for code. He says it best himself: ‘I was born a programmer. The rest is just implementation detail.’”


James Duncan Davidson: “The Sparkle framework just nails the process of providing an automatic update mechanism for Cocoa applications... In fact, it works so smoothly that the part of me that automates everything wanted to take it one step further and make pushing a new version of a Cocoa application I’m working on as easy as pushing a button.”

Path Finder 4.8.2 does Quick Look

ars technica: “The one thing it has never really been able to do, however, is truly replace the Finder... as Apple has never provided the tools in Mac OS X to allow for overriding the Finder in this way. But finally, that all has changed with the introduction of Leopard.”

How to Repair the Empty Keychain Passwords in Leopard

Shawn Blanc: “I have been entering the same passwords over and over every time I want to connect to my home wireless, check my email or news feeds.” Here’s how to fix it.

The Nerd Handbook

Rands In Repose: “He sees the world as a system which, given enough time and effort, is completely knowable. This is a fragile illusion that your nerd has adopted, but it’s a pleasant one that gets your nerd through the day.”

Installing MySQL on Mac OS X

Hivelogic: “By rolling our own from source this way, we also have full control over our environment. We know what’s installed and where, what version we’ve used, where it came from, and there’s no dependence on an external ports system and the breakage or issues that come from relying on others to manage our software.”

More thoughts on Cocoa future

Theocacao: “Mike Lee of Delicious Monster has a post on things he’d like to see changed in Cocoa. I agree with some of what he says, but I think some parts of the frameworks he’s critical of make more sense in context.”

“Funny” Error Pages Suck

Nick Bradbury: “You logon to your favorite social web app, feed search engine, photo site, etc., only to see an upside-down bird or some other goofy picture alongside a ‘funny’ error message.”

NetNewsWire Lite 3.1b1

NetNewsWire Lite iconNetNewsWire Lite 3.1b1 is the first 3.x public beta of NetNewsWire Lite, the freeware version of NetNewsWire.

This version fixes some Leopard compatibilities and adds a Date column and Dinosaurs report.

See for the download and see the announcement on for screenshots.

Cocoa improvements

Mike Lee: Making Better Cocoa: “While there are a few features I wouldn’t mind seeing added, what I really want is to give Cocoa a severe pruning. In other words, I want deprecations, deprecations, deprecations.”

MarsEdit nominated for Mac Gem of the Year

Red Sweater Blog : “If you love MarsEdit, I would be grateful if you decide to cast your vote in its favor!”

I voted for MarsEdit. ;)

How Do You Use RSS?

NewsGator Daily: “So tell us: How do you use RSS? In your reader? On your phone? At the grocery store? In the park?... As an incentive, we are offering NewsGator product licenses for the best stories and use cases, horror and otherwise.”

Quicksilver source

blacktree-alchemy: “This project contains the source to Quicksilver and (eventually) other related projects.”

Fake Steve on Google phone

Fake Steve Jobs: “We’re not scared about this Google phone platform. Simple reason. Alliances don’t work.”

Love letter to Time Machine

The Shape of Days: “What this all boils down to is this: I haven’t had to pay any attention to making sure my computer gets backed up.”

Ironcoder 7: Nov. 9 - 18

First prize in Ironcoder 7 is an 8GB iPod Touch, donated by the folks at Brain Murmurs. (Brain Murmurs is in Seattle.)

Austin Heller interviews Daniel Jalkut

In an interview, Daniel says, “I honestly believe we’re on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to desktop blogging. Things are going to change quite a bit over the coming years and as an avid blogger myself, I’m really excited to be able to play a leading role in how things shape up on the Mac.”

The 15 Dumbest Apple Predictions Of All Time “It’s easy to dump ire on anlysts for getting it wrong so often.”

It’s also fun. Via Paul Kafasis via Twitter.

Twitterrific 3.0

ars technica, David Chartier: “Perhaps the coolest of the new features is that direct messages and @replies from other users—whether you’re following them or not—can now appear in-line with all the posts from those you follow (replies appear in orange, direct messages in blue).”

NetNewsWire-related note: the current beta works with Twitterrific 3.0, but earlier betas don’t. Also, the shortcut for Send to Twitterrific was changed to ctrl-T, so as not to conflict with Spaces. (It was ctrl-1. Oops!)

PS I’m a huge fan of Twitterrific. ;)

NetNewsWire 3.1b21: new Combined View, Leopard changes and fixes

NetNewsWire iconNetNewsWire 3.1b21 includes a new Combined View, Leopard changes and fixes, and a bunch of bug fixes.

The new Combined View is designed for better readability and skim-ability. It also breaks lots of news items up into pages, so that performance doesn’t suffer when trying to load hundreds or thousands of items at once.

Leopard changes include things like using the new folder icon in the subscriptions list and using the new dock badge standard.

See for the download and more in-depth change notes. (Yes, NetNewsWire betas now have their own domain name. ;)


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