Dec 2007

The Cults of Programming

Mike Ash: “In my experience with various programmers over the years, I’ve realized that most of them fall into one of several cults which describe their behavior. I’ve compiled a list of cults and brief descriptions you can use to identify them.”

Club Thievey - Save the Lemur

Mike Lee: “What if everyone in the Mac and development communities had matching plush lemurs?” Definitely a good cause, and of course tax-deductible.

10% off on hundreds of Mac software products

MacSanta: “MacSanta 2007 is winding down, but you can still save 10% on hundreds of great Mac products. Purchase from the companies below and use coupon code MACSANTA07TEN to save 10% through the end of the year!”

Seth on paying for Twitterrific

Seth Dillingham: “People who use this hack are stealing money from the Icon Factory: they didn’t pay for the software, and they’re not showing the ads. In response, I just registered my copy.”

Learn Cocoa Tutorial Updated for Leopard

Theocacao: “I think it’s probably one of the most gentle, stress-free ways to learn the absolute basics of writing your first Cocoa app. It walks you through setting up a project in Xcode, creating a single window in Interface Builder, and testing out the result.”

Not letting it slide

John C. Welch: No, in fact I don’t think I’ll be letting this slide: “While I am normally happy to poke fun at the crazy, the stupid, and the like, there is a level of crazy that even I have the sense to just leave alone, at least under normal circumstances.”

So I Wrote This Book

Mike Lee: “I actually had a blast writing the iChat chapter, which was not one of my original chapters, and which I’m not even sure I got paid for. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s a classic of western literature. It’s got a narrative, character-driven plot, which is to say, it’s full of lemurs.”

Congratulations to Mike on the publication of Mac OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual!

Scott reviews Acorn

Theocacao: “This interface succeeds because of two factors: the display is remarkably compact and the conventions are familiar. The entire user interface fits into a single palette.”

Macworld: 23rd Annual Editors' Choice Awards

Bradbury dreams about a Mac

Nick Bradbury: “Oh, and I’ve been infected, too: I’m seriously thinking about buying a Mac Pro after FeedDemon 2.6 is released.”

Macs seem to sell themselves (and users help)

Greg Reinacker: “I think Apple is in the middle of a bit of a perfect storm at the moment.”

Lucas to Cupertino

Call Me Fishmeal: “First off, Lucas Newman is leaving Delicious Monster—as of January 1 he will be an iPhone engineer. This is an amazing opportunity for him, one I would never ask a friend to pass up.”

Congratulations to Lucas! We’re going to miss him in Seattle, but it gives us another good reason to visit California.

Slides from Building a Modern App

Theocacao: “You can now download the slides from the Building a Modern Mac OS X App talk I gave at CocoaHeads on Thursday.”

Core Animation Samples

Theocacao: “Lucas Newman has posted a collection of three Core Animation sample projects. These examples stand out not only because they actually do interesting things, but the code is well-written and well commented.”

Seattle Xcoders: CoreAnimation with Lucas Newman

Seattle Xcoders: “December’s meeting is all about CoreAnimation. Lucas Newman, of Delicious Monster and iPhone hackery fame, is going to show a number of demonstrations and examples of CoreAnimation for us, and how to ‘make it go’.”

Not to be missed. The Woodstock of our time.

What are XIB files?

Fraser Speirs: “Interface Builder 3 on Leopard introduces a new file format: XIB. The developer experience of editing XIB files in Interface Builder is identical to editing a NIB file but, in many other ways a XIB is radically different from a NIB file.”

NewsGator closes new $12M financing

Greg Reinacker: “But the bottom line is, we want our consumer applications to be as ubiquitous as possible, while we continue to sell our software and services to businesses... and this new round of capital helps us expand our market and solidify our leadership.”

Shawn Blanc reviews NetNewsWire

Shawn Blanc: “NetNewsWire is arguably the most popular desktop feed reader on the planet.”

Great review—I’m flattered and pleased. Shawn will also be doing reviews of other Mac apps (MarsEdit, Transmit, and others). Coming soon.

MarsEdit review

MacApper: “MarsEdit is one of those applications that you don’t think you will ever really need, but after you use it, you can’t live without it.”

Late Night Cocoa: what’s new in Cocoa for Leopard

Theocacao: “We look at improvements in the built-in views, Core Animation, Core Data, Objective-C 2.0, and a lot more. This was a great episode to do because we could finally get into all of the work that has gone into Leopard.”

MacSanta - groovy holiday promotion

MacSanta: “MacSanta brings big savings on Mac products to all good Mac users.” Well, I’m not sure they actually check if you’ve been good or not—but this is year two of a great promotion, and I encourage everyone to check it out. (And Digg it if you get a chance. Thanks!)

Crash Logs + the cool magic of atos

Red Sweater: “Apple offers a tool called ‘atos’, which makes it relatively easy to map an address from a symbol-stripped application to a name in a symbol-laden version of that same application.”


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