Jan 2008

How Transmission Does Cross-Platform

Theocacao: “Transmission doesn’t just give the appearance of being a good Mac app, it actually is. There’s real, solid Cocoa goodness here.”

MarsEdit: Helping the Personal Publishing Revolution

Shawn Blanc: “But if a developer can successfully create an application that feels light, though in truth is quite capable and feature-rich, they will succeed in the long run.”

MarsEdit 2.1

Red Sweater Software has updated our favorite weblog editor: “MarsEdit 2.1 has a new search feature, a new capsule-based tags editor, support for Movable Type tags, support for saving drafts to the server, massively improved preview performance and usability, and a bunch of other performance boosts and feature tweaks.”

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part four: misc.)

Me on inessential.com: “This should be the last of the things-you-may-not-know-about-NetNewsWire posts... This one’s just misc. stuff, in misc. order.”

Parsing your OPML for Touch and iPhone WebClip icons

zachholman.com: “NetNewsWire has an OPML export option, and I’m sure other readers do, too. I figured, hey, let’s just try to see if I can parse that export to see which of my subscribed feeds have WebClips.”

NetNewsWire to Tumblr

macosxhints.com: “Here’s an Applescript that sends the currently selected headline from NetNewsWire 3.1.1 to Tumblr.”

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part three: subscriptions list stuff)

Me, writing on inessential.com about NetNewsWire, this time talking about the subscriptions list.

New Coding Headstarts

A bunch of new coding headstarts were posted on the Leopard Dev Center—learn about RubyCocoa, JavaScriptCore, Instruments, and more.

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part two: reading stuff)

Me on inessential.com: “The space bar scrolls the current item. If there is no more to scroll, it goes to the next unread item. This way you can read all of your news with coffee cup in one hand, while the other taps the space bar.”

Questions and Demos from CocoaHeads MacFUSE

Theocacao: “As a complement to the MacFUSE CocoaHeads talk, Joar Wingfors posted video for the Q&A and demos which followed the main talk. Two of the three projects demoed are now available for download.”

Selected text in NetNewsWire + MarsEdit

Disruptive Conversations: “What’s very cool is that if you select/highlight a block of text before clicking the button you get only that part brought across into MarsEdit. So if there is a paragraph you want to include in your post, simply highlight the paragraph, click the button and you’re off and blogging.”

AppleScript: Endianness, FREFs, ARGH!

atomicbird: “The fun started yesterday when I was testing an application, and I noticed this little gem in Xcode's debug console: CoreEndianFlipData: error -4940 returned for rsrc type FREF (id 128, length 7, native = no)

On the design of NetNewsWire’s first-run assistant

Me on inessential.com: “Normally this is kind of a boring thing—not one of the exciting features, not necessarily worth discussing. But since this is an example of a hybrid app with an online component, I thought it might be interesting to other developers of hybrid apps.”

Things you may not know about NetNewsWire 3.1 (part one: browser stuff)

Me on inessential.com: “The most common feature request in the feedback I read today is that NetNewsWire should play video, Flash, YouTube, etc. It does. It’s turned off by default, but it’s easy to turn on.”

How to share clippings

Me on inessential.com: “If you use NewsGator syncing, you can share your clippings folders as feeds. In other words, you can make a clippings folder that other people can subscribe to.”

NSURLConnection Crashing Epidemic

Red Sweater Blog: “Now it so happens that WebKit is the one crashing in many of these cases, but I suspect the problem is more widespread than that.”

Reminder for NetNewsWire Lite users

This is just a reminder for NetNewsWire Lite users: we released the full version of NetNewsWire for free. You can upgrade and get all the features of the new version. And all the bug fixes. It’s a better NetNewsWire.

(We noticed a few folks still running Lite in our logs, and we wanted to make sure they got the news about the free upgrade.)

Ode to Apple’s NetNewsWire Tips

Ode to Apple: “Here, let me summarize various settings which have worked good for me so far. I urge you to try them, enhance them and change them to suit you best.”

Simply Structured: A NetNewsWire Style

Capn Design: “More than anything, I wanted a design that stayed out of the way. Reading posts via feeds instead of actual sites lets me consume more data. Having a simple, highly legible style makes it much easier.”

Focus with NetNewsWire smart lists

Mac Tips, Miraz Jordan: “Would you like to easily follow any mentions of the iPod touch, or perhaps Lhasa Apso dogs, in the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to? Or how about mentions of your favourite sports team, or a certain politician?”

Mad Bundle

Mike Lee: “The answer is that most American of ideas—cut out the middle man. I don’t know a single Mac developer who’s in it for the money. Everyone I know does this for the love of good work and the sincere desire to make the world a better place.”

NetNewsWire desktop app integration

Me on inessential.com: “One of my favorite features of NetNewsWire is how it works with a bunch of other desktop apps. The idea is this: news comes in to NetNewsWire, and then you route stuff to wherever it should go.”

One Year Later

Red Sweater Blog: “Anyway, it just sort of occurred to me today that this was the one year anniversary of my taking a pretty big leap of faith, and that it was a good day to look back and judge the wisdom of it.”

Performance Comparisons of Common Operations, Leopard Edition

Mike Ash: “Sending a message with NSInvocation on Tiger took about 160ns per message, but on Leopard it took only 77ns. That’s over a factor of two faster.”

Bugs, Child Windows and Spaces

Dominik Wagner: “I thought having a tiny transparent child window on top of my window would be a very safe thing to do. So I did. And I was wrong.”

Monocle 1.5

waffle software released Monocle 1.5, a search engine launcher: “As you type, suggestions and preliminary results (both from Google) appear in a list right below, so that you can hone your query or go right to a result and cut out the results page.” Cool app. (We’ve been using betas. It’s donationware.)

Archive Flagged Items from NetNewsWire into Yojimbo

justinwr: “This lil Ruby-OSA script will allow you to import your ‘Flagged Items’ in NetNewsWire as Web Archive Items in Yojimbo. Thus allowing you to save RSS articles for off-line viewing/storage.”

Tweaking XCode build configurations

Rhonabwy: “I throw Info.plist and the English.lproj bits into resources and main.m and the precompiled headers into src. No big deal, right? Well, sorta.”

Cocoa Programming 3rd edition

It looks like the 3rd edition of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass is available for pre-order. I learned Cocoa from the 1st edition. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn Cocoa.

Shawn Blanc reviews Coda

Shawn Blanc: “Coda is a text-editing, CSS-styling, WebKit previewing, file-managing, FTPing, terminal-accessing, web-site-building and publishing application for the Macintosh. And, Coda has no duct tape.”

NewsGator iPhone icon

If you use NewsGator’s iPhone reader (m.newsgator.com), you can add the icon to your home screen. I put mine next to PocketTweets.

Great. Expectations.

Ars Technica, John Siracusa: Great. Expectations.: On the Macworld Expo keynote: “Starbucks + WiMAX: Stimulants any time, anywhere!”

Why Use a Desktop RSS Reader?

Nick Bradbury highlights some of the reasons why a person might use a desktop RSS reader.

Jens Gone Indie

Jens Alfke: “I’ve left Apple, and I’m now working on my own, from home, as an indie software developer. I have plans for at least two kick-ass Mac apps, I’ll probably contribute to a few open source projects, and I may dabble in some web stuff.”

Silly Hack of the Day: Mount the Obj-C Runtime as a Filesystem

bbum: “MacFuse kicks ass. The Objective-C API is trivially easy to use. Trivially easy. I implemented this little hack in less than two hours, not having looked at the MacFuse API before.”

NetNewsWire 3.1 is free (and there’s already a new beta)

Earlier today we released NetNewsWire 3.1—and announced that it, along with other RSS readers from NewsGator, are free. See my post on inessential.com for more info.

There were a couple bugs that weren’t found until after shipping 3.1, so we released a public beta of 3.1.1b1 on nnwbeta.com.

It fixes a crash-at-startup bug a few people reported, and it fixes a bug where the description view could disappear. (Otherwise 3.1.1b1 is the same as 3.1.)

NetNewsWire + iPhoto

Miraz Jordan writes about how, in NetNewsWire, “it’s easy to add photos from RSS feeds to iPhoto: Control click on the photo and choose Add Image to iPhoto Library from the contextual menu.”

One of my favorite parts of working on NetNewsWire is the connection to other apps: weblog editors such as MarsEdit and ecto, Apple apps like iPhoto, Address Book, and iCal, and apps like VoodooPad and Twitterrific, from my fellow Mac developers.

Ars Technica Macworld party

Ars Technica: “That’s right. Ars Technica is throwing a pre-Keynote party on Monday of Macworld week, co-sponsored by our friends at Gizmodo.”

NickH on Spaces

Nick Harris (NewsGator Inbox developer): “Spaces to the rescue! I kept my Vista VM in full screen on one space as it downloaded and installed the updates, while I cruised through my feeds in NetNewsWire...”

(You have no idea how easy it is to please me. Just say nice things about Macs, and I’m a happy lamb.)

MacSB Macworld dinner

MacSB Macworld dinner at Chaat Cafe (Tuesday, January 15, 2008) - Upcoming: “Join Mac small business developers for discussion of Apple software creation and running a small independent business. We will inevitably discuss the announcements from Steve Jobs' keynote and share tips for small, independent businesses.”

Also see Niall Kennedy’s post on the subject. (Niall is the organizer. Big thanks for putting this together.)

Big Transmit Review

Shawn Blanc: “And anyone that uses a Mac knows I mean more than, ‘Transmit is an FTP client for the Mac platform.’ Mac users have a high standard for their software. It has to do more than just work; Mac applications have to possess style, class and be enjoyable to use, and work like a charm.”

Logging Messages to Nil

bbum’s weblog-o-mat: “Some mechanism for catching, logging, and breaking on messages to nil (and only messages to nil) is needed for the rare—but often insanity inducing—case where you need to track down a bug of this nature.”


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