Feb 2008

Developing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard

Apple Developer Connection: “Rails is thriving on Mac OS X, and Leopard comes pre-installed with Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, Capistrano, Subversion, and other tools that help to streamline the development and deployment of Rails applications.”

Play NetNewsWire Video/Audio Enclosures in QuickTime Player

Stefan Seiz: “For your Enjoyment, here’s a little AppleScript which plays the Enclosure (type Video/QuickTime or Audio/Mpeg) of the current selection in QuickTime Player. If you’re like me and don’t automaticaly download enclosures, this helps you save the hassle of Copying the URL and pasting it into QT Player or such.”

Window Shake Effect via Core Animation

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend: “We decided to venture out and try to create some really concise examples of effects you might find used in Leopard. And while these effects may not be done with Core Animation where they are found in the OS, we’ve set out to duplicate them in Core Animation regardless. Our first challenge? Shaking a login window.”


Mike Abdullah (of Karelia Software) releases KSExtensibleManagedObject, which extends Core Data: “On the surface KSExtensibleManagedObject operates just like a normal managed object. But, if you call -valueForKey: or -setValue:forKey: it will happily return/store the value, rather than raise an exception as NSManagedObject would... Whenever a key is accessed that the model does not natively handle, KSExtensibleManagedObject steps in to convert and store it as raw data.”

Acorn 1.1

Gus Mueller: “Acorn 1.1 has been released, woot.” We’re big Acorn fans here, and we’ll be upgrading right away.

Mac Pro performance

Greg Reinacker: “I ran a process in Adobe Lightroom 1.3.1 to create 1:1 previews for 211 raw images (compressed NEF format from a Nikon D200), which is roughly 1.75 GB of files.”

Core Animation Sample Code: NanoLife

Theocacao: “NanoLife is a simple Core Animation project with a single layer-backed view and a collection of sublayers. Each sublayer has a glowing sphere and moves along a random path, giving the impression of a microscopic lifeforms (or maybe fireflies?)”

MGTwitterEngine - Twitter from Cocoa

Matt Gemmell: “MGTwitterEngine is a Objective-C class which lets you integrate Twitter support into your Cocoa application, by making use of the Twitter API. The entire API is covered, and appropriate data is returned as simple native Cocoa objects (NSArrays, NSDictionarys, NSStrings, NSDates and so on), for very easy integration into your own application.”

Changes.app 1.0

Ian Baird: “Changes, my new file comparison and directory differencing app for OS X, has shipped today! Check it out at http://changesapp.com/.” Congrats to Ian!

Shawn Blanc interviews John Gruber

It’s a good interview—check it out.

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

A new weblog by Colorado folks Marcus Zarra and Matt Long. I’ve already subscribed. The first post is a tutorial on NSOperation and NSOperationQueue.

Acorn 1.1b1

Gus Mueller: “What’s new? Lots of things! A web export window, polygon selection tool, ‘trim to edges’ menu command, vector tool improvements, a new crop widget, menu commands to move layers around, a drop shadow filter for bitmap layers, Levels and Auto Levels (yay!), drag images out of the layers list (and into another app such as the Finder or Photoshop. Although I have no idea why you’d want to…), resize an image via a percentage, option-drag bitmap layers in the canvas and the layers list to duplicate them, a grid, and lots of bug fixes.”

Whither Cocoalicious?

Buzz Andersen: “One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time is talk a little bit about the state of my other popular Mac app, Cocoalicious.”

NewsGator feed retrieval intervals

Greg Reinacker: “One of the more common questions/complaints we get is something about a feed not appearing to update in a timely manner. 99% of the time, it’s actually a problem with the feed—but I’ll come back to that.”

Advice to budding indies

Dan Wood: “If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, I’d say to plan for having more than one application, and incorporate that into your development and company infrastructure.”

NetNewsWire style hack - Show web page instead of feed

ollicle: “This stylesheet for NetNewsWire loads the linked web page instead of displaying the feed itself.”

On Opacity

Peter Hosey: “Opacity is an image editor designed to enable app developers to create multiple-resolution and any-resolution graphics easily.”

Use NewsGator’s bookmarklet to subscribe

David Chartier writes about using NewsGator’s subscribe-to-feed bookmarklet instead of having to launch NetNewsWire: “Major bonus points are awarded for the bookmarklet’s subscription process, as it allows feeds to be added directly to a folder.”

VoodooPad 3.5

Gus Mueller: “A handful of bug fixes and new features, including the ability to edit images in external apps.” (We put our brain into VoodooPad.)

chockenberry on writing iPhone apps

furbo.org: “Try to imagine developing a Cocoa application without Interface Builder. Try really hard.”

Attention Data: Content vs. User

Jeff Nolan (from NewsGator): “Attention data is metadata about what happens to content. At one level it’s as simple as someone clicking on a headline in a feed to open a post, but also included are the actions that people take on content, such as clipping, tagging, bookmarking, and sharing of individual content items.”

NetNewsWire 3.1.3 released

NetNewsWire 3.1.3 rolls back a change in the behavior of folders and the Latest News subscription. The change triggered a crashing bug for some folks, so we rolled it back. (We’ll get back to this issue with the next release—step one was to deal with the crashing bug.)

Extending FeedDemon: Customize the ‘Send To’ Menu

Nick Bradbury: “If you’ve used FeedDemon for a while, you’re probably familiar with the ‘Send To’ menu, which enables sending a post to an external service such as Digg or del.icio.us. But you probably don’t know that you can extend this menu (because, well, I’ve never mentioned it before!).”

Habemus Dialogum - We Have a Dialog

Things Blog: “This article is about a single dialog. The dialog with which users will be able to specify the repeat settings of a recurring task.”

NewsGator subscriber counts

Greg Reinacker: “I’ve noticed a few posts around the web (here’s the latest) expressing a bit of confusion about how NewsGator (and NetNewsWire, FeedDemon, NewsGator Inbox, and NewsGator Go!) subscriber counts are reported. So here’s the skinny.”

NetNewsWire + NewsGator Mobile

Nice post from Peter Rukavina: “Let me briefly sing the praises of the combination of NetNewsWire, my longtime RSS newsreader for the Mac, and NewsGator Mobile for the iPhone, a web-based application to which NetNewsWire automagically syncs.” He notes how clipping something using the iPhone reader causes it to appear in NetNewsWire.

C4[1] Videos Available

Wolf has started posting the C4[1] Videos, starting with his opening presentation, “Indie Ethos.”

Post to instapaper (AppleScript)

Bruce Walker: “Here’s a little script to post the currently selected headline in NetNewsWire to your ‘instapaper’ account.”

NetNewsWire 3.1.2b2

NetNewsWire 3.1.2b2 fixes some syncing bugs and a bug with folders and the Latest-News subscription dropping read items too quickly.


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