Mar 2008

JS + BBEdit + SD

Seth Dillingham talks about how he came to contract for Bare Bones Software: “When I’m telling this story in person, especially if Rich is nearby, I like to say that they tried to call my bluff but found I wasn’t bluffing.”

Cocoa Blogs Update

Theocacao: The Cocoa Blogs feed is “now free to everyone — even those who have not made a donation.”

Feature Requests - a Developer’s Eye View

Derek Jones, ExpressionEngine: “Since we’re working on the assumption that we’ve already heard Feature X requested before, how will you get our attention?”

Mailx, a NetNewsWire style

Pragmatos: “Mailx is a simple NetNewsWire style based on Chris Clark’s Mail style, with readability enhancements.”

It Should Be Free

Red Sweater Blog: “Build something brilliant, and be rewarded with money. This money translates into a great motivation for the developer, which in turn translates back into product greatness.”

Feed Archaeology

Charlie Wood: “Even if Google’s index no longer includes my old posts, I know that NewsGator archives the contents of millions of RSS feeds. So I contacted Greg Reinacker to see how to access that archive, and he pointed me to the NewsGator Archive Service which has most of the data I need and a simple HTTP POST interface I can use from the command line.”

Vote for virtualization

chockenberry: “How can you develop new products for Leopard when you need to have Tiger installed for supporting your legacy applications? How easy is it to test a new feature on Mac OS X 10.4.11 when you’re running 10.5?”

Writing Modern Copy for Product Pages

Theocacao: “It’s in your best interest to make specific statements about what your software does, and to not talk down to the reader.”

The First, The Free, and the Good

Steven Frank: “My current hypothesis is that there are at least three positions of prominence in each segment — three ways to be number one, if you will: The First One, The Free One, and The Good One.”

NetNewsWire to with ‘toread’ tag

FutureMac: “I’ve modified existing NetNewsWire to Applescripts to save the currently-selected news item to with the tag ‘toread.’ You can easily change this tag to whatever tag you use to mark items you wish to read later on.”

Demo Video - NetNewsWire Timelines

Adam Behringer: “I just released another update to Bee Docs' Timeline last night. One of the new features is NetNewsWire integration!”

NetNewsWire style: Ollicle Reflex refined for smarter feed reading

Oliver Boermans: “It’s been a long time cooking, but I am finally taking version 6 of Ollicle Reflex out of the oven.”

FMDB for iPhone

Gus Mueller: “I just tried compiling my FMDB SQLite wrappers against the iPhone SDK, and hey—it seems to work!”

Good news. (We use FMDB in NetNewsWire.)

iPhone SDK

Rhonabwy: “I haven’t done development for other mobile platforms, but some of the folks around me have - so I’ve heard a few things. Mostly, that the contractual obligations and costs for getting mobile applications are really pretty damn hideous through a lot of other settings, and that Apple’s take on this game seems pretty darned sane and reasonable.”

Apple Announces iPhone 2.0, Releases SDK

TidBITS: “The Core OS layer is largely the same as in Mac OS X, though with better power management. The Core Services layer includes things like SQLite for database storage and Core Location, which uses cell tower and Wi-Fi network data to determine location, which only the Maps application currently employs. The Media layer enables the iPhone to play audio and video, and includes things like Core Audio from Mac OS X. And lastly, Cocoa Touch replaces Cocoa as the application framework upon which all applications are built; Cocoa assumes a keyboard and mouse for input, whereas Cocoa Touch assumes that all input comes via touch - single touch, multi-touch, and gestures.”

History (beta)

Mike Lee: “As far as the specifics of the announcement itself, I am completely pleased. All the API I was afraid might not be there are there. Integration with Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments is more than I could have hoped for.”

I think I read that even Bonjour will be there. (Hope that’s true—it’s still tough to get through to download the SDK, at this writing. No surprise. Patience is indicated.)

Apple unveils iPhone SDK

Macworld: “Applications for the iPhone will be built on a Mac using Xcode, the same development tool used to build Mac OS X applications.”

iWebBuddy 1.0

Zarra Studios: “Web Buddy is an extension to Apple’s popular iWeb application. Where iWeb leaves off, iWeb Buddy starts.” Includes support for multiple servers, RSS feeds, Google and Mint stats, FeedBurner redirects, and social bookmarking.

Core Animation Tutorial: Wizard Dialog with Transitions

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend: “A question that I have seen pop up a few times is how to build a Wizard in Cocoa. Having thought about that question a bit I realized that a better answer to it is—how to build a wizard in Cocoa using Core Animation.”

Core Animation makes everything taste better. It’s like hot sauce, except that everybody likes it.

Step 2

Mike Lee: “There comes a time when every apprentice must pack up their meager tools and leave their master’s employ. So begins the long road of the journeyman, whose turn it is now to ply their newly learned craft in the hopes that one day they might meet their old master’s eye, a master themselves. For me, that time has come.”

Interview with Daniel Jalkut

In Shawn Blanc’s interview, Daniel says: “There is a tendency within Apple to strive for perfection. Nobody laughs at you if you try to make something flawless. This is different from many other software businesses, and was dramatically different from the few little software-related jobs I’d had before.”

On routers, Time Capsule, and Back to My Mac

Greg Reinacker: “I’m seeing about 10MB/sec doing backups over a gigabit ethernet network—not stellar, but it’s fast enough for what I’m using it for.”


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