NetNewsWire 1.0.7 on App Store

NetNewsWire 1.0.7 for iPhone is now available on the App Store — you can update (or try it out if you haven’t before).

This is a much-improved version of NetNewsWire, significantly better than the 1.0 version. New features include the ability to email links and to remove feeds from the iPhone. Lots of bugs have been fixed, including crashing bugs, and performance is much better.

There are still plenty of things to do — this review at Macworld pretty much covers the to-do list. Next steps include a mark-unread command, being able to choose a clippings folder when clipping an item, viewing your clippings, an option to put old news items at the bottom, excerpts for news items, and more. (And, of course, more bug fixes and performance enhancements.)

(Note: the App Store says that it’s version 1.0.1, but it’s really 1.0.7.)

Update 5 p.m.: I posted the change notes on my weblog.

25 Jul 2008


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