Aug 2008

BBEdit 9 released

Congratulations to Rich and folks for shipping BBEdit 9! Here’s what’s new. (The new Scratchpad sounds particularly useful, since I use BBEdit as a scratchpad already.)

IM+ (iPhone chat app)

Better Elevation: “IM+ doesn’t appear to be doing any proxying, instead connecting you directly to the server. This means that when you close the app, your connection is terminated, but the upshot is that none of your login credentials or private conversations are being stored on someone else’s servers.”

Connecting directly to the server is probably a good thing for folks who use chat at work.

Sync Services without Core Data

Cocoa is My Girlfriend: “If you are using Core Data in a Leopard application then Sync Services is so trivial that you should be syncing if it makes sense. In this article we are going to cover syncing in a non-Core Data situation as that is quite a bit more complex.”

Panic updates Coda

Macworld: “Coda 1.5 adds a variety of new features including Subversion, which allows users to check out code, make changes and check it back in. The update also allows you to find and replace across multiple local files.” And more, of course.

I use Coda to update the NetNewsWire Help book. Love it. Cool app.

NetNewsWire/iPhone Wins PC Plus Editor’s Choice Award

NewsGator Daily: “I am happy to announce that NetNewsWire for iPhone was just selected by PC Plus for an Editor’s Choice award.”

Of course, there’s no rest, no matter how many awards an app wins or doesn’t win — I’m fixing bugs, making it faster, and adding new features. Plenty more to do!

NewsGator Technical Project Manager

NewsGator Careers: We’re looking for someone to “manage the implementation of NewsGator’s products to their Enterprise customers, including products for enterprise server and social networking sites.”

Buy Mac software for a great cause

PMC Software: “Build a Mac Software Bundle, and Help Fight Cancer!”

What Makes for a Good Blog?

43 Folders: “I’ve come to believe that creative life in the first-world comes down to those who try just a little bit harder.”

Wii Transfer 2.6

Riverfold Software: “Wii Transfer 2.6 is out with brand-new Mii support and dozens of major improvements.”

NetNewsWire for iPhone updated

NetNewsWire 1.0.8 is now on the App Store. The main thing is to fix a crashing/hanging bug some folks were having. I posted 1.0.8 change notes on my weblog last week.

Now back to working on 1.1. ;)

When Apple’s reach exceeds its grap

Macworld: “The public perception of Apple is that it’s a technology juggernaut with immense power at its disposal as it steamrolls over everyone else in the technology industry while creating one industry-busting product after another. There’s just one problem with that image: It’s not true.”

MobileChat for iPhone

I’ve wanted a good Jabber client for iPhone. One of the guys at Jabber has been looking at MobileChat.

Ideas, Execution, and the Rare Auteur

43 Folders: “It’s amazing how many sociopaths are out there dashing around, playing entrepreneur, and yelling into a phone about drilling-down — with what appears to be no idea how to actually get something amazing to market.”

Corporation Unknown

Corporation Unknown is written by Seattle-ite Paul Goracke. You may not know who he is — he’s new to the indie world, and his app isn’t shipping yet. But he’s done the smart thing: ship the weblog first. ;)

Don’t miss both parts of his WWDC recap.

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Twitturly “is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.”

No surprise, the top item by far right now is The Rise and Fall of Twitter, which this reporter found extraordinarily funny.

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Unclutterer is help for when you have too much stuff. Me, I have too much stuff. ;)

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Instant Cocoa: “pTerm is a very simple SSH client and xterm terminal emulator for the iPhone and iPod touch.” (Via TUAW.)


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