Oct 2008

Five Things You May not Know About NetNewsWire

Me, writing a guest post for the NewsGator Widget Blog: “NetNewsWire was designed to be read with a cup of coffee in one hand while the other drives the keyboard.”

Twitter Vote Report

Mashable: “While substantial efforts are made to get people to actually go to the polls and vote, once they get there, a lot of things can go wrong — broken machines, not showing up in the registered voter rolls, or excessively long lines, just to name a few. Twitter Vote Report is a new mashup that looks to track these problems and use the wisdom of Twitter’s crowd to try and solve them.”


Matt Gemmell: “MGScopeBar provides a scope/filter bar like you’ll find in Mail, the Finder (in the Find/Spotlight window), iTunes and elsewhere.”


Corporation Unknown writes about Cocotron, “as glibly summarized by the Ecammeratus: ‘Wrote a Cocoa app? Just add a new Xcode target, hit compile and out shoots a Windows version.’”

Debugging tips for Objective-C programming

Cocoa with Love: “Xcode and gdb both support a wide range of information access tools — but you need to know that they’re there. Here are some Objective-C specific gdb tips and commands that all Cocoa programmers should know.”

Apple Developer Forums

Congratulations and thanks to folks at Apple for the new developer forums!

O’Reilly postpones iPhoneLive Conference

Macworld: “O’Reilly postponed its upcoming iPhoneLive conference indefinitely, the company said on Thursday.”

Which is too bad — I was looking forward to it.

Apple officially surpasses 10 million iPhones sold in 2008

Ars Technica: “Apple announced today during its quarterly conference call that it has already surpassed its goal of 10 million iPhone sales in the calendar year of 2008.”

Bullitt: one NetNewsWire style to rule them all

Download Squad: “I’ve discovered a new style that I think is the best yet. It’s Bullitt, designed by Cameron Hunt of cameron.io.”

Election ’08 Widgets

NewsGator Daily: “With NewsGator’s free Election ’08 widgets, you can give your online readers access to valuable political news and videos from Reuters.”

Introducing Powerful, Branded iPhone Apps from NewsGator

NewsGator Widget Blog: “The main reason we believe this offering will prove compelling and successful is because they will enable media companies to deliver a branded media experience directly to the over 7 million iPhone users — providing their audience with one touch, anytime access to their content.”

FeedDemon 2.8 proves that client-based RSS apps still rock

A View from the Isle: “Like the panic button? Mark everything over 48 hrs old read? Brilliant. Flexibility of views, power searches, fine tuned ability to control RSS updates? Yeah all there.”

MacDev 2009: UK indie conference

Ars Technica: “Fittingly called MacDev 2009, the event focuses on ‘intermediate or advanced level’ topic and takes place just outside of London this coming April.”

Branded iPhone Apps From NewsGator

Jeff Nolan: “We realized that we could take the very popular NetNewsWire application for the iPhone and strip off the NewsGator branding to make it a dedicated media reader app for our media clients.”

Developing Cocoa Applications Using MacRuby

Apple Developer Connection: “Now with MacRuby, you can create Mac OS X applications with Ruby while maintaining the peformance benefits of a fully fledged Cocoa application.” (Via Hivelogic.)

Brand New

Brand New: “Opinions on corporate and brand identity work.”

Bradley Ellis, who suggested the feed, writes that it’s “a design blog centered on companies that are redesigning their logos and appearance. It’s a great way to stay current with brand redesign, and see how logos are transforming.”

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Stack Overflow - Cocoa

Stack Overflow “is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for programmers — regardless of platform or language.”

It has tags, so you can see all questions tagged with Cocoa. And, of course, it’s available as an RSS feed.

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I’d Tumbl For You

Red Sweater Blog: “I regularly receive requests from customers who are hoping to use MarsEdit as a remote editor for their Tumblr blog. And I would very much like to see that happen. But there’s a problem...”

Your Customers Have Enough Work to Do Already!

Nick Bradbury on the NewsGator Widget Blog: “One of the more challenging tasks developers face — regardless of whether they develop desktop applications, web applications or even widgets — is designing a feature in a way that not only hides the technical details, but also respects the end user by not asking them to do too much work.”

Nick talks specifically about the tagging user interface in an upcoming version of FeedDemon.

Recursive Locks Will Kill You!

Fiery Robot!: “Better to use a real honest-to-goodness lock. This means that if a thread tries to lock a lock that’s already, well, locked, you’ll deadlock. This is good. I like this, just as I like crashes.” (Via Colin Barrett.)

iPhone SQLite Database Basics

Lee Falin: “This tutorial covers the basics of SQLite database creation, things to consider in the design of the database, and some particular things to be aware of when deploying these types of applications to the iPhone.”

iPhoneLive - last day for discount

Today is the last day for early registration pricing for O’Reilly’s iPhoneLive conference. Bonus: save an extra 20% with the discount code ip08gd20. (I’ll be speaking at iPhoneLive along with folks like Mike Lee, Erica Sadun, and Raven Zachary.)

Exposure 1.1 post-mortem

Fraser Speirs: “With some more experience under my belt, I realised that the crushing problem with wireless networking (whether EDGE or 3G) was latency, not bandwidth per se. Doing ‘one request at a time’, particularly for small objects like Flickr’s 75px thumbnails, means that you pay the high time-cost of latency once for every object you load.”

The How and Why of Cocoa Initializers

Mike Ash: “One of the longest ongoing controversies in the Cocoa community is how to write your init methods. More specifically, how to properly call your superclass’s initializer. In the hopes of putting this controversy to rest, I want to walk through the right way to write an initializer and exactly why this is the right way.”

Subtractive Software

John Nack on Adobe: “It’s extremely difficult to remove features from Photoshop... No one uses everything in the app, and yet everything in the app is used by someone.”

NetNewsWire iPhone Code Surprise

Me, writing on the NewsGator Widgets Blog: “What I didn’t expect was that the reverse would happen, that I would end up bringing iPhone code back to the Mac version, but that’s what happened.”

Fancy UILabels

furbo.org: “So what changed in the 1.1 release? A slight interaction change and a new approach to rendering the UIButtons used for the links in the text.”

NewsGator Technical Blog

For widgets fans (which includes me), the new NewsGator Technical Blog goes into the details of widget-building.

xkcd - A Webcomic

xkcd is the comic-of-record for geeks. A must.

(Via Bradley Ellis.)

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Bonjour and How Do You Do?

MacResearch, Cocoa for Scientists: “How do you find and talk to another iPhone or Mac? The options available on the iPhone are also available on the Mac, so it seemed like a good topic for this series.”

Sketches by Steven Frank

Steven Frank, of Panic and Spamusement fame, has recently started putting his sketches online.

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Sliding UITextFields around to avoid the keyboard

Cocoa with Love: “Here’s a good way to slide your view around when editing UITextFields so that they never get trapped under the onscreen keyboard.”

Core Animation Isn't Just for Animation

Theocacao: “Animation is the most significant obstacle that Core Animation tackles, but it’s far from being the only benefit.”

Kiwi (iPhone Wikipedia client)

Red Rome Logic: “Quickly and easily search the vast store of Wikipedia knowledge all in a clean, well designed user interface that takes full advantage of your mobile device.”

Looks pretty cool.

Obama 08 iPhone app

my.barackobama.com: “Obama ’08 is your official, comprehensive connection to the heart of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaign, giving you the tools you need to make an impact and stay in the know.”

Nick Bradbury’s Shared Items on NewsGator Online

Nick Bradbury is good at finding good stuff to read. Topics range from iPhone development to Zappa to user interface to wing suits.

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A touch of Cocoa: inside the iPhone SDK

Ars Technica: “Over the last few months, those of us who registered with Apple and downloaded the iPhone SDK have been in on a remarkably well-kept secret.”

Glassy Scrolling with UITableView

Fiery Robot!: “Now that the veil of secrecy has been lifted, I think it’s time to share at least one bit of information that I’ve gleaned whilst writing my new iPhone application: how to do fast tables.”

Cocoa Touch Tutorial: iPhone Application Example

Cocoa is my Girlfriend: “I am going to explain for beginning iPhone/iPod Touch developers how to build the most basic Cocoa Touch application using Interface Builder and an application delegate in xcode 3.1.”

Apple finally drops NDA, iPhone developers rejoice

Ars Technica: “From what we’re seeing on Twitter, the collective iPhone developer community couldn’t be more delighted.”

Apple makes two great iPhone moves

Jason Snell, Macworld: “Thank you, Apple, for making both of these changes and responding to the concerns of your third-party iPhone developers.”

iPhoneDev mailing list

I created a mailing list (discussion list) for iPhone developers. (It’s meant to be temporary, until Apple creates a list. Just to have something for right now, for folks who like mailing lists.)

URL Schemes and iPhone Apps

chockenberry: “From what I’ve seen, the best iPhone applications do one thing and do it well. Supporting URL schemes in your application makes that single task more attractive to other developers and users.”


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