Jun 2009

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Nick Bradbury: “These days it's common practice for programmers to actively involve customers in the creation of their software, but back in 1995 it wasn’t the norm.  I certainly wasn’t the first developer to take this approach, but I like to think I was one of the pioneers.”

Absolutely. Bravo, Nick! Good job.

How Gus Uses FastScripts

Gus Mueller: “So, instead of having multiple spaces with Xcode in one space, or irc + iChat in another, and WebKit in its own; I create multiple scripts which hide all applications, and then brings forward just the ones I want.”

Birdfeed, new iPhone Twitter client

Neven Mrgan: Birdfeed is “as uncluttered as a Scandinavian rumpus room.”

And it is, as they say, a very nice Twitter client.

Nick on Tech Support

Nick Bradbury: “It seems so obvious: if you want to develop software that’s useful to people, you’ve got to talk with them.”

JetReader - NetNewsWire style

Jetplane Journal: The JetReader style was “designed with legibility in mind, as I’ve found that black on grey is typically easier on the eyes — particularly on the new, very glossy, very bright aluminum MacBook.”

Virtuality - new Ron Moore show

SCI FI Wire: “Take the first starship from Earth headed to a faraway planet, add 12 people confined together on board for a 10-year mission, and it begins to sound like the ultimate reality show waiting to happen. Throw in some virtual reality that allows the characters’ avatars to interact as if they are in a holodeck...”

Obviously, Battlestar fans (by which I mean most geeks) will need to check it out. Looks like it’s on tonight.

Type Qualifiers in C

Mike Ash: “The const [keyword] can be very useful and every C programmer should know how to use it. ”

iPhone 3GS and YouTube uploads

The YouTube Blog reports “when the iPhone 3GS came out, uploads increased by 400% a day.”

Uptake on iPhone OS 3.0

Ars Technica: “Conflicting data points from multiple sources give us everything but a clear answer.”

Tab bars and Navigation bars together

O’Reilly Broadcast, Elisabeth Robson: “I’ve created an example to demonstrate how to build this kind of app and recorded a screencast partly so I’d never forget again, and also to help anyone else out there who might be struggling with this same challenge.”

iPhone 3GS Fast in JavaScript Tests

Medialets: “The results of the iPhone-based tests alone are rather astonishing and seem to indicate that many of Apple’s claims about the performance gains of their 3.0 OS and the iPhone 3GS may hold some water.”

Instapaper Pro 2.0 for iPhone

Macworld: “New in Instapaper Pro 2.0 is one of Arment’s most-requested features: support for organizing articles into folders, which the online Instapaper service recently gained (at this time, Arment plans to keep this feature exclusive to the paid Instapaper Pro iPhone client).”

It’s on sale, too — just $5, half-off regular price. I’m a fan, and I recommend it.

Test-Driven Heresy

Tim Bray: “Here’s my thesis: As a profession, we do a lot more software maintenance than we do greenfield development. And it’s at the maintenance end where TDD really pays off.”

Social media made simple

John Welch: “When you’re talking about monologues, like traditional media, coupons, fliers, television commercials, what have you, you can easily manage the message. You’re the only source. It’s easy. However, when everything becomes a dialogue, you can’t do it, and if you try, you’ll look like a pack of asses.”

iPhone OS 3.0 Adoption Rate

Tapbots Blog: “5 days after the iPhone OS 3.0 release, we are seeing a 75% adoption rate.”

FastScripts free for less than 10 keyboard shortcuts

FastScripts iconWe use Red Sweater’s FastScripts here in the lab and love it.

One of my favorite uses is as email-filer. For each of my two main accounts I have a saved mailbox. When I want to put something in the mailbox, I just hit a keyboard shortcut.

I also have a script and keyboard shortcut to get a link to the selected Mail message: I then paste the link into Things or VoodooPad so I can open up the message later.

Using Readability with NetNewsWire

Rob J Wells: “Most of my heavy reading takes place in NetNewsWire, so I’ve coupled up Arc90’s Readability bookmarklet with the application.”

iPhone 3GS Sells One Million Units

TidBITS: “Interestingly, this is the exact amount of time it took the iPhone 3G, released on 11-Jul-08, to clear one million units.”

How Kevin Found his iPhone

The Intermittent Kevin: “Last night, after seeing Second City improv, we ate at a pleasantly sketchy dive bar in uptown Chicago, where the food was mediocre and the characters were questionable. I definitely had my iPhone while at our table, and I definitely did NOT have it (whoops!) when we were 100 feet down the street.”

Words and the web

Tim Bray: “The sizzle is enticing but the steak is why you sit down. The eye candy is cool, but the Web is really about words, and mostly written words at that.”

You’re sending a message

Hivelogic: “Many people unintentionally abuse their friends and colleagues with incorrect away statuses. There’s a good chance that you may be one of these people without knowing it.”

Post-WWDC write-ups

Here’s Dave Wiskus on Things I Learned at WWDC and Neven Mrgan on How I Spent my WWDC.

TapLynx SDK sign-up

The iPhone framework we’ve been working on now has a teaser/sign-up page.

The idea behind TapLynx is that you can take a collection of feeds and some artwork, make choices about colors and gradients and behavior (all in a configuration file you edit), then create an iPhone app. Without doing any programming.

But you can do programming if you want to — use TapLynx as the base and add more features. (In fact, that’s what I’m doing with NetNewsWire 2.0 for iPhone — it’s a custom app built on TapLynx.)

If you’re interested in getting an early version of the SDK when it’s ready, just sign up on the site.

Introduction to Valgrind

Mike Ash: “There's an entire class of bugs which are easy to write and difficult to track down in C-based languages, such as reading from uninitialized memory or writing past the end of an array... Thus Valgrind.”

WWDC Parties/events list

Brandon ‘Quazie’ Kwaselow maintains a good list of WWDC parties and events.

But where did the name Quazie come from? Not, I hope, Quasimodo. (At any rate — thanks, Quazie!)

Postage for iPhone Review: 5 mice

Macworld: Postage “is an awesome app for creating customized, adorable electronic postcards to e-mail to your friends and family. This is a perfect iPhone app: It looks and feels great, as native on the iPhone as one of Apple’s own apps, and the postcards it creates look fantastic.”

Five mice! Congrats to our pals at RogueSheep!


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