Aug 2009

Coathangr: iPhone + Twitter + pants

Coathangr — now live on the App Store, and free — is Twitter-like social networking for your clothes.

You can follow your friends, and they can follow you back. Snap a photo of your outfit, then share it with your network of fashionista friends.

Here’s the website.

NetNewsWire 3.2b14: misc. fixes (but still a beta)

NetNewsWire 3.2b14 fixes some (but not all) of the more commonly-reported bugs. There are more bugs to fix and features to finish — it’s still a beta, and it still has bugs, and they will get fixed before shipping.

What to do if something goes wrong

On I posted a reminder about using the Report Bug or Feature Request command in NetNewsWire when something goes wrong.

NetNewsWire 3.2b13

This update brings clippings back. They don’t sync — we’re still developing a plan for clippings and syncing. But the feature is otherwise back.

NetNewsWire 3.2b11

An update to the public beta makes some progress — fixes some of the bugs from 3.2b6.


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