Designing the NetNewsWire 3.2 icon

Brad Ellis: “Everyone knows it’s tradition for 0.2 releases to get a new icon...”

Brad’s a great designer, and I love — madly — the new icons. Another example of his work is the ADA-winning Postage iPhone app.

At one point in the process I asked Brad for a resized version of a graphic. I wrote him about how I resize graphics:

My process is to print it out in black and white on paper, wet the paper, stretch the paper very gently on a rack, wait a few days, measure it with a ruler to see if it’s bigger, color it in with magic markers, scan it in, then do additional color corrections in Microsoft Word. Something like that, anyway.

Brad, to his credit, took this as humor rather than the accurate portrayal of my workflow that it is. Which just proves that he’s not only incredibly talented but gracious and unflappable, which is important in anyone who works with those touchy-chef types who write code.

(Unflappable. Really. Try to flap him. Can’t do it. Can’t be flapped.)

08 Oct 2009


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