TapLynx 1.0 ships!

TapLynx iconTapLynx is a framework for writing content-based iPhone apps — without doing any programming.

The idea is simple: you configure it, give it some feeds and artwork, build it, and upload your app to the App Store. You end up with an app like the ones we built for Variety or All Things Digital — but with your design and your content.

Your app can have news (text of whatever kind), photo galleries, audio, and video. It has some sharing features built-in (Twitter, in-app email) with more to come in the future.

It’s still a native Cocoa app: in fact, you use Xcode, even though you don’t have to write a single line of code.

But you can write some code if you want: you can write custom view controllers to add features that aren’t part of TapLynx.

For developers, the value is straightforward: if you have a client offering money for an app like this, you get a quick start. Either TapLynx does all you want to, or it’s close and you can add the features you still need. The idea is to save you time so you can make more money.

You can, of course, follow TapLynx on Twitter. Click here.

14 Oct 2009


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